#fdio-tldk: TLDK meeting

Meeting started by edwarnicke at 15:03:19 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

    1. Keith Wiles present (keith_wiles, 15:03:25)
    2. edwarnicke (edwarnicke, 15:03:26)
    3. keith wiles present (keith_wiles, 15:09:36)
    4. Agenda bashing (keith_wiles, 15:10:07)
    5. talk about CSIT (keith_wiles, 15:10:19)
    6. Fix up the DPDK mk fragments (keith_wiles, 15:10:32)
    7. Aligning goals of TLDK (keith_wiles, 15:10:44)
    8. recap the previous TLDK call and stack direction (edwarnicke, 15:12:00)
    9. Anna has added the some support into CSIT for TLDK (edwarnicke, 15:12:01)
    10. TLDK needs to be independent of DPDK and VPP. (keith_wiles, 15:12:48)
    11. recap the previous TLDK call and stack direction (keith_wiles, 15:12:48)
    12. need to get TLDK code out early and get more input from the community (keith_wiles, 15:14:39)
    13. will start with a DPKD like build system for now (keith_wiles, 15:17:13)
    14. Aligning goals of TLDK (keith_wiles, 15:20:16)
    15. We see a big gap in DPKD and VPP needing a network stack (keith_wiles, 15:21:21)
    16. End of year for a TCP/UDP stack (keith_wiles, 15:22:43)
    17. Container networks is one goal to support (keith_wiles, 15:23:04)
    18. Transparent TCP proxy is one goal (keith_wiles, 15:26:46)
    19. Do we want to add SSL support, but Konstantin is thinking this is a different layer (keith_wiles, 15:27:17)
    20. We plan to support TSO (keith_wiles, 15:29:57)
    21. a Socket layer is a valid option (keith_wiles, 15:32:20)
    22. BSD socket layer is a possible priority for the community (keith_wiles, 15:36:37)
    23. TCP timers and connect scaling, what are the goals (keith_wiles, 15:40:45)
    24. Needs to scale from 100K to millions of connections and then we need to define the connections per second (keith_wiles, 15:45:27)
    25. Timers is the big problem for TCP in the millions of connections (keith_wiles, 15:46:54)
    26. Dave to add some code the wiki or email a timer handler (keith_wiles, 15:50:13)
    27. The way to scale TCP connections will be adding cores with a per connections per core (keith_wiles, 15:52:28)

Meeting ended at 16:06:16 UTC (full logs).

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  1. keith_wiles (27)
  2. edwarnicke (8)
  3. collabot (4)

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