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Meeting started by keith_wiles at 15:10:01 UTC (full logs).

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    1. Installing google test into the VMs for testing (keith_wiles, 15:11:19)
    2. not completed yet and waiting for packages to be tested and installed. (keith_wiles, 15:11:52)
    3. Need to talk people to understand if installing these packages will be reasonable (keith_wiles, 15:12:33)
    4. Konstantin will try the VM testing when the packages get installed. (keith_wiles, 15:13:04)
    5. Ed is suggesting to not require extra packages to be installed for testing (keith_wiles, 15:13:32)
    6. http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=google-mock (keith_wiles, 15:14:19)
    7. will be updating the code next week and will be using Dave's timer code (keith_wiles, 15:15:30)
    8. plan to have the code done by end of year, but may slip some into next year. (keith_wiles, 15:17:21)

Meeting ended at 15:17:27 UTC (full logs).

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