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    1. What did Intel change to TLDK, Dave asks? (keith_wiles, 15:36:48)
    2. replaced the bitmap with double link list, but most of the code is the same (keith_wiles, 15:37:21)
    3. Allocate all of the timers statically for help performance, using a fixed a array (keith_wiles, 15:38:33)
    4. each slot in the wheel is now a double link list (keith_wiles, 15:38:56)
    5. Change the callback to just checking for expired timers (keith_wiles, 15:41:30)
    6. Add this code as a patch to VPP library (keith_wiles, 15:44:04)
    7. work is moving forward to integrate into VPP (keith_wiles, 15:47:38)
    8. Need to have a couple of images with new tools is deployed on monday (keith_wiles, 15:50:02)
    9. Next release of TCP code is now sch (keith_wiles, 15:52:03)
    10. Next release of TCP code is now scheduled for end of Jan 2017 (keith_wiles, 15:52:35)

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