14:44:58 <bobmonkman> #startmeeting armband 22jan2016
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14:45:11 <bobmonkman> #info bob monkman
14:56:11 <bobmonkman> good morning stan
15:02:43 <joseppc> #info Josep Puigdemont
15:02:49 <bin_> #info Bin Hu
15:02:51 <SKardach> #info Stan Kardach
15:02:53 <florind> #info Florin Dumitrascu
15:02:57 <joekidder_> #info Joe Kidder
15:04:23 <bobmonkman> #info functest and yardstick looking better today
15:04:58 <bobmonkman> #info fuel did not give a status today but fuel 8
15:05:18 <bobmonkman> #info fuel 8 is not working yet
15:05:48 <bobmonkman> #info fuel code freeze is now 3 days late and no new news
15:07:24 <bobmonkman> #info fuel 8 is a dependecny of Openstack Liberty
15:08:19 <bobmonkman> #info official release of ODL is lithium
15:08:33 <bobmonkman> #info SFC require beryllium
15:11:03 <bobmonkman> #info Enea working on HA configuration and having issues with having all 3 controllers working
15:11:24 <bobmonkman> #info Corosync seems to be a problem part of the HA configuration
15:12:01 <bobmonkman> #info putting the repos together for Fuel 7 and 8 to prepare images once the Fuel update is done
15:13:01 <bobmonkman> Info Corosync is a cluster messaging package of HA needs to be working in order for HA to work
15:13:54 <bobmonkman> #info pacemaker may actually be the issue
15:14:06 <bobmonkman> #info Cobbler discussion
15:15:02 <bobmonkman> #info Fuel requires patches in a number of places and in order to intergated everything together for ARM libraries
15:16:51 <bobmonkman> #info Fuel has only a few patches in the official  build, but, for ARM, a number of other patches are required.
15:17:27 <bobmonkman> #info either we have to have our own Fuel repo or we have to push our changes into the official OPNFV build
15:18:49 <bobmonkman> #info the imminent code freeze of Fuel 8 may prevent us from getting our patches officially in the release
15:21:56 <joekidder_> #info capturing a conversation between ciprian and stan
15:23:11 <joekidder_> #info ciprian: [about HA config using Arno SR1 in Pharos Lab] the problem might be in the higher level, pacemaker
15:24:11 <bobmonkman> #info ciprian
15:24:18 <joekidder_> #info ciprian: which uses corosync as a communication infrastructure
15:24:41 <joekidder_> #info stan: Ciprian, by any chance you had problems with pcs tool?
15:25:46 <joekidder_> #info ciprian: Stan: we haven't meddled with pcs too much, we are trying to figure out what are the overall building blocks and how they are supposed to work
15:26:04 <joekidder_> #info ciprian: right now the problem is with haproxy which fails to start on two of the 3 controllers
15:26:32 <bobmonkman> #info Status on Orange ARM Pod
15:26:49 <bobmonkman> #info Orange has the 5 servers installed and booted
15:26:55 <joekidder_> #info ciprian: some virtual interfaces seem to be missing, we are currently comparing against an x86 Arno SR1 installation to see what doesn't work
15:27:11 <joekidder_> #info stan: we had problems with haproxy when there was a race condition between openstack services and HAProxy, since by default the services tried to bind to in debian packages.
15:27:23 <joekidder_> #info stan: and puppet bailed when haproxy was not able to start
15:27:37 <bobmonkman> #info but Orange team is heads down on getting b release ot on current pods
15:27:45 <joekidder_> #info ciprian: Stan: in our case puppet stopped after failing to start haproxy
15:27:57 <joekidder_> #info ciprian: but in our case the interfaces are correct, it looks
15:28:12 <joekidder_> #info ciprian: the log shows that haproxy cannot bind to different IPs and ports, no mention ofthe default IP
15:29:38 <joekidder_> #info ...and that's the gist of the ciprian/stan conversation about HA.
15:30:04 <bobmonkman> #info Orange will not begin on ARM pods until after B release is done and all issues are resolved in Enea lab
15:30:50 <bobmonkman> #info status on ATT Lab
15:31:04 <bobmonkman> #info still working on wiring and network configuration
15:32:00 <bobmonkman> #info no schedule estimate yet
15:33:18 <ciprian-barbu> hi
15:33:30 <SKardach> Hi Ciprian
15:33:31 <ciprian-barbu> SKardach or StanKardach?
15:33:34 <ciprian-barbu> ok, hi
15:33:49 <SKardach> actually both, one is my other PC
15:33:58 <ciprian-barbu> so, /var/log/syslog is about 7MB
15:34:19 <SKardach> that gzips nicely
15:34:24 <ciprian-barbu> do you know of a good way to send these?
15:34:37 <ciprian-barbu> over email you prefer?
15:35:16 <SKardach> either by email to me Stanislaw.Kardach@caviumnetworks.com or google drive (I can give you a public/private folder)
15:35:34 <ciprian-barbu> I can try your email, no problem
15:35:48 <ciprian-barbu> but I don't see a /var/log/upstart/haproxy*
15:36:27 <SKardach> fair enough, perhaps upstart is not setup to generate them. They're not needed necessarily
15:36:42 <SKardach> all service related logs should be in syslog
15:37:28 <bobmonkman> #info discussion on what happens to Armband after B release
15:38:35 <bobmonkman> #info Bob proposal is that we gradually transition to a working group concept where we are purely facilitating ARM stakeholders but all code and build support is folded into standard OPNFV repos and practises
15:39:07 <bobmonkman> #info broad agreement seems to be there for this idea
15:40:16 <ciprian-barbu> SKardach: ok, I switched over to the xchat client
15:40:26 <ciprian-barbu> don't know if this works ....
15:40:37 <bobmonkman> yes
15:40:39 <ciprian-barbu> SKardach: I sent you the gzipped syslog
15:40:42 <ciprian-barbu> cool
15:41:13 <SKardach> ciprian-barbu: thanks!
15:41:22 <ciprian-barbu> thank you!
15:50:27 <bobmonkman> #info question came up as to what happens if armband has stable Fuel 7 but Fual 8 is not ready and B release goes out?
15:51:25 <bobmonkman> #info bob will try to make the case that Armband is ready and ask for the blessing to be considered ready based on Fuel 7
15:52:04 <bobmonkman> then fix fuel 8 in SR
15:56:59 <bobmonkman> #info but since Openstack version is tied to Fuel version, so we just need to keep working on Fuel 8 and make a decision if we run into significant roadblocks
16:00:24 <bobmonkman> #endmeeting