15:00:09 <bobmonkman> #startmeeting armband 19Feb
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15:00:18 <bobmonkman> #info bob monkman
15:00:50 <StanKardach> is gotomeeting up?
15:01:04 <AlexAvadanii> #info Alexandru Avadanii (Enea)
15:01:08 <AlexAvadanii> not yet
15:01:18 <SKardach> #info Stanislaw Kardach (Cavium)
15:01:42 <joekidder> #info Joe Kidder
15:01:45 <joekidder> hi stan!
15:02:29 <bin_> anyone here?
15:02:46 <joekidder> bin_ Stan and I are here...and there's the gotomeeting!
15:02:48 <SKardach> yeo
15:02:54 <SKardach> s/yeo/yep
15:03:28 <Vijay> #info Vijayendra Radhakrishna
15:03:43 <bin_> on gtm too
15:04:41 <florind> #info Florin Dumitrascu
15:05:26 <bobmonkman> #info able to build bootstrap and target images on Fuel 8 now
15:06:45 <bobmonkman> #info this means we can build B-release components
15:07:03 <bobmonkman> #info next step solve a single problem to be able to deploy to the cluster
15:08:28 <MikeHolmes> #info Mike Holmes
15:08:45 <bobmonkman> #info this set of patches reside in Ameband repo to overlay on stand Fuel or upstreaming later
15:10:30 <bobmonkman> #info next step polish the patches for review and acceptance  by Fuel team
15:10:34 <joseppc> #info Josep Puigdemont
15:10:57 <bobmonkman> #info then we can work on Jenkins slave
15:11:55 <bobmonkman> #info Ciprian met with Linaro reps re Openstack testing
15:12:30 <bobmonkman> #info Ciprian will be connected to the Tempest test expert for next week
15:15:53 <bobmonkman> #info Ciprian will focus next week on understanding both x86 Openstack test and ARM comparison
15:21:59 <bobmonkman> #info there is  a test for vIMS in B-release and ARM, MetaSwitch, Cavium will discuss testing this in parallel
15:28:31 <bobmonkman> #info after functest will be yardstick setup and Bin will be able to help walk thru the Yarstck setup when ready
15:29:05 <bobmonkman> #info Bob will continue to look for some Yardstick experienced folks who may be able to help work in parallel
15:32:16 <bobmonkman> #info there will be no status meeting next Friday or other team meetings next week due to MWC.
15:35:53 <bobmonkman> #end-meeting
15:36:23 <bobmonkman> #endmeeting