15:06:24 <bobmonkman> #startmeeting armband 2mar16
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15:06:38 <bobmonkman> #info Bob Monkman
15:09:24 <joekidder> #info Joe Kidder
15:10:46 <bobmonkman> Update on Enea Pharos Lab readiness from Enea team
15:13:43 <bobmonkman> Able to build now a full OPNFV Brahmaputra level target images for the Pod with Fuel 8 on a jump host prepared manually
15:14:09 <bobmonkman> now working on automatically building the jump host images
15:14:19 <AlexAvadanii> hi, sry, can't connect to gotomeeting, watching IRC though
15:14:38 <bobmonkman> nearly ready to connect Jenkins Slave to CI
15:16:40 <bobmonkman> Working out best way forward to manage the Fuel patches going forward.
15:18:31 <bobmonkman> We currently leave upstream Fuel and related alone, maintain our own patches in armband repo, pull down Fuel to be patched in our environment
15:19:16 <bobmonkman> We want to eventually path the official repos of Fuel and others, but not likely as code freeze does not really allow this.
15:20:42 <bobmonkman> Actually right now everything is in a private repo and plan to move it into armband repo for connecting to jenkins
15:20:57 <StanKardach_> hi all, sorry I ran out of money on my mobile account :P
15:21:01 <AlexAvadanii> I will update the google doc in a few days, and also our Pharos wiki with more info regarding mirrors
15:21:08 <StanKardach_> for the next time I would suggest using webex
15:21:30 <bobmonkman> sorry Stan...I will do it a different way next time.
15:21:34 <StanKardach_> so I hope there will be a very nice MoM here :)
15:43:39 <joekidder> hi!
15:45:06 <bin_> Hi
15:45:11 <bobmonkman> i can see that
15:59:10 <bobmonkman> next weeks meeting willl be either Tuesday 7am PST or Friday 7am PST (normal GTM) in any case. need to clarify Joe Kidder travel schedule.
15:59:14 <bobmonkman> #endmeeting