14:57:02 <bob_monkman> #startmeeting armband 11Mar2016
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14:57:25 <bob_monkman> #info bob monkman
14:57:35 <joekidder_> #info Joe Kidder
14:58:18 <StanKardach_mobi> #info Stan Kardach
14:58:32 <Vijayendra> #info Vijayendra Radhakrishna
14:59:26 <AlexAvadanii> #info Alexandru Avadanii (Enea)
15:00:40 <florind> #info Florin DUmitrascu
15:04:13 <bob_monkman> all having GTM issues..hang on
15:04:38 <joseppc> #info Josep Puigdemont
15:06:24 <StanKardach_mobi> Gtm is still down right?
15:07:31 <joekidder_> stan - now it's up.
15:07:41 <joekidder_> just came on
15:10:45 <bob_monkman> #info Fuel Deployment Status
15:11:07 <bob_monkman> #info Fuel 8 in the middle of deploying Openstack
15:11:29 <bob_monkman> #info can provision the nodes with minor issues, cleanly
15:11:59 <bob_monkman> #info there is a stability issue with one of the compute nodes
15:14:17 <bob_monkman> #info still working with a 3 node system for the Fuel Deployment test
15:15:12 <bob_monkman> #info getting ready to move to a 5 node HA from the previous Arno Functest Pod
15:17:45 <bob_monkman> #info have decided to consolidate all changes to Fuel and related modules in our own repo to a single big gerrit review
15:18:15 <bob_monkman> #info syncing with stable release 8 of Fuel during this phase
15:20:52 <bob_monkman> #info the Be release of ODL still has x86 dependencies and manual changes were required to automate these changes to compile the library
15:23:09 <bob_monkman> #info still working through OpenStack integration with Fuel and we are still discovering mostly minor issues as we go.
15:24:21 <bob_monkman> #info the changes from Fuel 7 to Fuel 8 were bigger than expected.
15:29:24 <joseppc> do we need to produce documentation for armband?
15:32:01 <bob_monkman> #info even though we have been running the Functest on Arno level components, we expect little diference in running the same test on B-release components
15:37:05 <bob_monkman> #info discussion of the the scenarios we will need to run
15:38:40 <bob_monkman> #info we will test 3 scenarios only- nosdn-nofeature, odl- l2-ha, odl-l3-ha
15:39:13 <bob_monkman> #info we have an unknown wrt the vIMS Clearwater
15:45:19 <bob_monkman> #info OK...so we are close on deployment and have a reasonable chance to finish before 20 March
15:46:54 <bob_monkman> #info then we will be ready for final Functest runs and documentation.
15:47:04 <bob_monkman> #endmeeting