14:02:29 <bobmon01> #startmeeting armband19Aug2016
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14:02:41 <bobmon01> #info Bob Monkman
14:03:11 <florind> #info Florin Dumitrascu (Enea)
14:03:23 <dali`> #info Dan Lilliehorn (Enea)
14:03:34 <AlexAvadanii> #info Alexandru Avadanii (Enea)
14:03:47 <Vijayendra> #info Vijay(Cavium)
14:03:50 <Madhu> #info Madhukesh (Cavium)
14:04:24 <bobmon01> #info 5 SoftIron servers have arrived at Enea for additional pod
14:06:11 <bobmon01> #info we had 1 100% run on Functest back around end of 1st week of August but now we have a build problem to be worked out
14:07:36 <bobmon01> #info Successfully run all tests in Yardstick but there are thresholds set that apply to x86 and these are being examined for our servers
14:10:02 <bobmon01> #info Functest is being run on 2 internal pods as well as the CI main pod
14:11:28 <bobmon01> #info Working through some build issues this week after a build server died and was replaced but should be solved today
14:13:35 <bobmon01> #info preparing more and more upstream of build system and Fuel deployment patches as an ongoing effort to reduce Armband repo differences over time
14:14:50 <bobmon01> #info Documentation deadline of Aug15 was met by Armband, one of the few projects to do so.
14:16:46 <bobmon01> #info vIMS is not a mandatory test in OPNFV releases- nice to have
14:17:14 <bobmon01> #info Armband and others are having problems with Cloudify orchestrator
14:18:27 <bobmon01> #info Cloudify Manager requires CentOS 7 environment and lots of x86 dependencies which may be very time consuming to resolve
14:19:16 <bobmon01> #info Alternative is to use simpler Cloudify CLI or use an alternative like OpenStack Heat
14:22:32 <bobmon01> #info some others have used Heat as well that we can use
14:23:30 <bobmon01> #info Solving the vIMS deployment in not a high priority and the Cloudify people seem willing to try some fixes and have been given access
14:30:31 <bobmon01> #info Status on JOID and Apex Installers- no real progress on these except for a provided Centos 7 image for a different purpose
14:32:03 <bobmon01> #info nothing new on OpenContrail but Fuel guys were supposedly working on plugins- need to followup and see if this ever happened.
14:34:10 <bobmon01> #endmeeting