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14:05:35 <Guest16657> #info Bob Monkman
14:06:42 <dali``> #info Dan Lilliehorn and Thomas Lundström (Enea)
14:07:38 <AlexAvadanii> #info Alexandru Avadanii (Enea)
14:09:09 <Guest16657> #info Introduction to Elsie Wahlig
14:13:27 <Guest16657> #info discussed the goals for Colorado 3.0 release
14:14:52 <Guest16657> #info we had targeted OpenContrail , Apex, JOID,  as key features for Colorado 3.0 December timeframe
14:17:26 <Guest16657> #info we still do not have a commitment from Canonical or RH/CentOS team to seed the initial work but we continue the dialog and Bob is working on this
14:18:20 <Guest16657> #info we will focus on Colorado 3.0 and cleanup tasks for now until we have something to work on from the desrired new features
14:19:19 <Guest16657> #info The fuel team is waiting for OpenContrail plug-in before Armband can pick that up
14:22:23 <Guest16657> #info Enea team will focus on Cleanup from the JIRA list and there is plenty of work to do.
14:28:44 <Guest16657> #info That's it for this week's status call. Hopefully we wil have more information from external projects after some discussions at SDN World COngress next week.
16:20:36 <Guest16657> #endmeeting