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14:59:17 <NokMikeR> #info Michael Rooke, Nokia
15:10:04 <mikeH> #info Mike Holmes
15:11:34 <dali`> https://gerrit.opnfv.org/gerrit/#/c/25419/1/docs/release-notes/functest-release.rst
15:11:52 <bobmonkman> #info Yardstick issue worked and now all tests worked.
15:12:20 <dali`> https://build.opnfv.org/ci/view/armband/
15:12:53 <bobmonkman> #info the only remaining thing is verifying the new Cloudify but network issues and a holiday in Romania will delay the final verification till Monday
15:15:24 <bobmonkman> #info other than that final verification , we are ready to tag the release 3.0 and update the documentation
15:20:08 <bobmonkman> We plan to tag today as we always have the option to update the ISO is something urgent needs patched, which we do not expect.
15:21:12 <bobmonkman> #info in C-release, 2 of the 4 scenarios were passing 100% and the others were upper 90% passing- quite typical for projects to experience tests that wont work for them
15:22:00 <bobmonkman> #info w Colorado 3.0 update, 3 of 4 scenarios are 100%, other is 96%. So we continue to close gaps/exceptions
15:23:20 <bobmonkman> #info Net result is that Colorado 3.0 cleans up many issues, adds minor features, adds Cloudify deployment of vIMS. Great accomplishment of the team to release on time with solid quality.
15:23:36 <bobmonkman> #info Congratulations and appreciation to the team for all of their hard work
15:24:16 <bobmonkman> #info next weeks meeting is cancelled due to travel for PTL. Resume Dec 16.
15:24:21 <bobmonkman> #endmeeting