#opnfv-armband: Armband16Dec2016

Meeting started by bobmonkman at 14:56:41 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

    1. bob monkman (bobmonkman, 14:56:51)
    2. mike holmes (mikeH, 14:57:05)
    3. Alexandru Avadanii (Enea) (AlexAvadanii, 15:03:35)
    4. https://wiki.opnfv.org/display/armband/Danube+Release+Plan (NokMikeR, 15:05:45)
    5. https://wiki.opnfv.org/display/armband/Danube+Release+Plan (AlexAvadanii, 15:06:00)
    6. Bob went over the plan and targeted features for Danube located at https://wiki.opnfv.org/display/armband/Danube+Release+Plan (bobmonkman, 15:29:47)
    7. The big ticket items are move to Ubuntu 16.04 and OpenStack Newton, which consume much of the early resource (bobmonkman, 15:30:34)
    8. We walked thru the other feature related and Installer/Controller projects we hope to add support for (bobmonkman, 15:31:23)
    9. we also went over the recent discussions with Red Hat team on required seed work for APex Installer. We do feel we will get the support we need in January (bobmonkman, 15:33:10)
    10. The next major theme is adding support for SFC and Tacker, along with qualifying more of the performance related tests in VSperf, Qtip etc. (bobmonkman, 15:34:22)
    11. It was noted that ARM Shanghai team has successfully put up a Colorado pod and one of the SoC Armband partners has put together a roadmap for a fair numbr of open source VNFs (bobmonkman, 15:35:44)
    12. we hope to make a big push in 2017 to add official support for many commercial and pen source VNFs on top of OPNFV and Shai Tsur from ARM is the point person drving that from within ARM (bobmonkman, 15:36:40)
    13. There was one question from the team regarding when the Ubuntu 16.04 portion would be in place and when the Danube ISOs would be planned for availability. (bobmonkman, 15:37:55)
    14. the Danube release is planned for late march and it is a bit early to say excatly when the Ubuntu 16.04 baseline will be ready but we will have greater visibility mid January on that. (bobmonkman, 15:39:03)
    15. with no more questions, we ended the meeting and the next Armband meeting will be 06Jan 2017. (bobmonkman, 15:39:53)

Meeting ended at 15:39:59 UTC (full logs).

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  1. bobmonkman (13)
  2. NokMikeR (3)
  3. collabot (3)
  4. AlexAvadanii (2)
  5. mikeH (2)

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