#opnfv-armband: 20Jan17Armband

Meeting started by bobmon01 at 15:03:10 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

    1. Bob Monkman (bobmon01, 15:03:20)
    2. Alexandru Avadanii (Enea) (AlexAvadanii, 15:03:22)
    3. Dan Lilliehorn (Enea) (dali`, 15:03:28)
    4. Mike Holmes (mikeH__, 15:03:29)
    5. Larry Lamers (ljlamers, 15:03:35)
    6. Sean Campbell (bobmon01, 15:03:47)
    7. all, the gtm is updated https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/144838637 (bobmon01, 15:06:58)
    8. Opnfv changed the GTM account info (bobmon01, 15:07:40)
    9. quick rundown on the readiness on Danube (bobmon01, 15:10:17)
    10. Armband Fuel Newton rebase patch https://gerrit.opnfv.org/gerrit/#/c/26157/ (AlexAvadanii, 15:11:03)
    11. Heavy lifting on Ubuntu and Fuel new versions with major changes was heaving lifting and on track (bobmon01, 15:15:08)
    12. Vijay had reported the SFC plugin has been verified and push upstream. (bobmon01, 15:15:47)
    13. Doctor and Dovetail on track- no issues seen (bobmon01, 15:20:13)
    14. issues seen with Yardstick (bobmon01, 15:30:39)
    15. we did add a low hanging fruit feature that was not on our original priority list- Congress Policy Mgmt (bobmon01, 15:31:21)
    16. the only major hoped-for feature we will not get is Open COntrail support as the Fuel Plugin was not apparently completed (bobmon01, 15:33:40)
    17. but there is also some question/uncertainty regarding OpenContrail official support with any of the supported Installers- Need to check into this (bobmon01, 15:34:29)
    18. Dan Radez gave a comprehensive update that had also been sent to the tech discuss list, for those that missed it (bobmon01, 15:35:06)
    19. The Apex team overcame a big hurdle with the porting of DiskImageBuilder to ARM (bobmon01, 15:36:00)
    20. Also the official CentOS 7.3 release for ARM on 05Jan was also leveraged the team was able to work for a week getting a solid build of disk iamges in place (bobmon01, 15:37:04)
    21. testing of OpenStack installs can now proceed and expected to be rather straighforward, except for possible unknown hard coded dependencies they may find in other stack components such as OVS. Just have to see what arises as testing ensues (bobmon01, 15:38:29)
    22. the RDO team is working to add official CI loop support for ARM and Dan R, Bob M and Jon M will coordinate if HW availability becomes an issue. (bobmon01, 15:40:12)
    23. a brief discussion ensued regarding the upcoming MS5 milestone (bobmon01, 15:40:53)
    24. most of our testing and verification is not impacted by MS5, on current scenarios we support and test, since we add no new features generlaly (bobmon01, 15:41:44)
    25. However, we will need to look into what it means to add new scenarios that we have not supported previously- Apex/CentOS-based scenarios (bobmon01, 15:42:45)
    26. Bob will check with Dave McB. on the ramifications here. (bobmon01, 15:43:19)
    27. no more issues to discuss today and so meeting adjourned at 30 minutes past the top of the hour. (bobmon01, 15:44:24)

Meeting ended at 15:44:54 UTC (full logs).

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  1. bobmon01 (25)
  2. AlexAvadanii (4)
  3. collabot (3)
  4. dali` (3)
  5. mikeH__ (1)
  6. ljlamers (1)

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