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15:08:52 <AlexAvadanii> #info Alexandru Avadanii (Enea)
15:10:07 <shaitsur> Basic scenarios can be deployed; half are passing currently
15:10:29 <radez> #info Dan Radez
15:10:38 <shaitsur> ODL seems to work, expecting fix for ODL 2 within days
15:10:46 <shaitsur> Then moving on to Yardstick and Functest
15:11:14 <shaitsur> Still issues with Ceilometer and launching VMs and attaching volumes to them
15:11:20 <shaitsur> Will be looked at in the stabilization phase
15:11:53 <shaitsur> Dovetail is running tests on Yardstick and Functest
15:12:10 <AlexAvadanii> #link Dovetail jobs https://build.opnfv.org/ci/view/armband/job/dovetail-fuel-armband-baremetal-debug-master/
15:15:18 <shaitsur> Apex update: Disk Image Builder has been ported, currently working on RDO/Triple-O
15:15:57 <shaitsur> TSC discussing adding new scenarios once we have Apex/CentOS up until Milestone 6
15:17:43 <radez> bobmon01: I had steped away for just a second, not sure if you had asked me anything...
15:22:14 <shaitsur> Congratulations to Enea team to being in the top 5 committers list
15:24:33 <bobmon01> #endmeeting