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15:00:45 <AlexAvadanii> #info Alexandru Avadanii (Enea)
15:00:53 <viktor_t> #info Viktor Tikkanen (Nokia)
15:01:36 <AlexAvadanii> did gtm start? I might in the wrong call again
15:01:58 <shaitsur> Yes, GTM is up
15:02:25 <shaitsur> Check the meeting ID. Shoudl be 629-634-885
15:02:38 <viktor_t> Is this link correct? https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/144838637
15:03:57 <AlexAvadanii> now gtm does not load for me :)
15:04:44 <shaitsur> https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/629634885
15:04:53 <shaitsur> Try that one
15:06:28 <radez> I'm struggling to get into GTM today too
15:06:48 <shaitsur> Looks to be some issues on their end today
15:07:07 <AlexAvadanii> radez: use the info in the calendar, not on the wiki
15:07:48 <radez> AlexAvadanii: I think I'm in now
15:07:51 <radez> thx
15:09:32 <NokMikeR> no call today?
15:09:43 <AlexAvadanii> NokMikeR: https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/629634885
15:09:47 <shaitsur> All plugins + C release Enabled all the tests Some failures in funcitonal testings Need to bump up some Yardstick Basic deploy working well on ThunderX pod SoftIron pod still has some issues Mixed pod tied into the softiron problem Deploys stable for D release
15:10:24 <shaitsur> Focus is getting the SoftIron issue solved and upstreaming changes in yardstick and functest
15:10:43 <shaitsur> Enabled building Docker images on ARM, looking to see if Functest runs from Jenkins
15:11:35 <shaitsur> Planning to upstream old changes to functest to run on other installers out of the box
15:12:16 <CristinaPauna> #info Cristina Pauna (Enea)
15:12:42 <shaitsur> Commited into vswitch-perf, researching pod in lab to get work started.
15:12:50 <shaitsur> Also looking into qtip
15:14:25 <shaitsur> Documentation milestone - only have to create directory structure and initial documents. Should be a basic job that will be done by next week
15:15:07 <shaitsur> Apex - past week focused on openstack feature freeze upstreaming so no real changes
15:15:40 <shaitsur> Building undercloud images. Also working on lenovo box in the lab based on Cavium. Having some provision issues with kernel panic and are looking at patches that came in from Cavium
15:16:15 <shaitsur> Feature freeze wrapping this week. back to focus on building disk images next week
15:17:42 <shaitsur> #endmeeting