#opnfv-armband: 17feb2017

Meeting started by bobmonkman at 15:07:33 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

    1. Cristina Pauna (Enea) (CristinaPauna, 15:07:53)
    2. Vijayendra Radhakrishna (Vijayendra, 15:07:57)
    3. Dan Radez (radez, 15:08:00)
    4. Michael Rooke (NokMikeR, 15:08:04)
    5. today is the MS6 milestone for documentation (bobmonkman, 15:09:17)
    6. Cristina indicated that these will be ready and posted today (bobmonkman, 15:18:06)
    7. quick discussion on the status of scenario testing (bobmonkman, 15:18:19)
    8. all of the tests are pretty much running but none are fully passing yet, which is normal for a major new version of OS and Openstack (bobmonkman, 15:18:34)
    9. the new test called Snaps is not working and Dan explained that this is the new smoke test for basic OpenStack working status (bobmonkman, 15:19:14)
    10. so this is a place to focus (bobmonkman, 15:19:40)
    11. welcomed the new contributor Jasmin Ajanovic from Qualcomm to the team (bobmonkman, 15:20:56)
    12. Dan Radez gives an update on Triple-O/Apex (bobmonkman, 15:21:17)
    13. Spent most of the week working on the Undercloud image (bobmonkman, 15:22:06)
    14. Got new servers that ARM sent which will get set up today (bobmonkman, 15:22:25)
    15. using the Pharos lab resources for some initial hybrid testing (bobmonkman, 15:22:47)
    16. tracking down some libvirt issues (bobmonkman, 15:23:34)
    17. lots of good progress and moving forward, lots of moving parts and just need to investigate and trial and work thru the issues (bobmonkman, 15:24:30)
    18. no other topics for today. We will just wait until next week for assessment of the major test issues (bobmonkman, 15:26:35)
    19. Cristina updated us that the custom configuration we have used to have to maintain separate repo config and so we now have a new patch that everything we have needed for Functest will be upstreamed (bobmonkman, 15:28:06)
    20. this will save us from having to rebase and rework to support a new release. (bobmonkman, 15:28:51)
    21. we convene again next week for update on testing (bobmonkman, 15:29:32)

Meeting ended at 15:29:40 UTC (full logs).

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  3. Madhukesh (1)
  4. radez (1)
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