15:08:32 <bobmon01> #startmeeting 10mar17
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15:08:46 <bobmon01> #info Bob Monkman
15:09:10 <Madhu__> #info Madhukesh
15:09:37 <bobmon01> Functest is running very well with a few exceptions for L3-ODL
15:10:12 <bobmon01> #info Functest is running very well with a few exceptions for L3-ODL
15:10:29 <bobmon01> #info Snaps test is now passing as well
15:11:42 <bobmon01> #info Yardstick is still in progress, not a full run but not anticipating any major hurdles
15:11:58 <bobmon01> #info correcting some bash scripts errors
15:14:09 <bobmon01> #info update on Apex from Dan Radez
15:14:29 <bobmon01> #info really good progress in past two weeks
15:14:53 <bobmon01> #info worked on Packet.net machines while working thru local machines booted
15:15:24 <bobmon01> #info undercloud images issue resolved yet
15:15:52 <bobmon01> #info resolved now. taking overcloud and undercloud images and taking to the Apex build process
15:16:48 <bobmon01> #info lots of hard coded x86 items are beig stripped out for a base ODL image and running the APex deploy image- in progress
15:17:15 <bobmon01> #info still some issues to be resolved
15:18:04 <bobmon01> #info some ARM specific mechanisms for libvirt and related components are being worked on
15:20:25 <bobmon01> #info not likely to be completed for Danube 1.0, which we did not expect anyway
15:24:51 <bobmon01> #info we will certainly try to tartget a demo at OPNFV summit in June.
15:26:43 <radez> #info +1 notes re: apex look good
15:28:06 <bobmon01> #info we will reconvene next week same time to check on Danube status but it does appear we are in good shape for the release
15:28:12 <bobmon01> #endmeeting