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14:11:31 <bobmon01> #info Bob Monkman
14:11:55 <bobmon01> #info Agenda today is E-release high level release goals
14:14:44 <bobmon01> #info Big risk for Fuel Plugins but Fuel is restating that they will have releases thru 2019
14:16:54 <bobmon01> #info Once the main Fuel release is done, individual plugins can update their support.
14:17:36 <bobmon01> #info shifting for a moment to discuss diversifying to more Installers
14:18:42 <bobmon01> #info Dan updates us that Apex work is for now focused on getting updated to Ocata OpenSTack release
14:19:12 <bobmon01> #info Overcloud build is done, Undercloud build in progress
14:19:38 <bobmon01> #info had to workaround a missing piece of DPDK for ARM but this was resolved manually.
14:22:59 <AlexAvadanii> #info "MS3Installer integration with OpenStackAll installers will complete integration with OpenStack Ocata."
14:23:06 <AlexAvadanii> #link https://wiki.opnfv.org/display/SWREL/Release+Milestone+Description+for+Euphrates
14:23:34 <bobmon01> #info by next week or shortly thereafter Apex for ARM where be where it was on Newton and can move forward again
14:27:01 <bobmon01> #info goal is to get no-sdn and then ODL basic scenarios running for ARM asap
14:32:45 <bobmon01> #info So the Installer Goals for E will be to rebase on new version of Fuel and getting Apex solidly in place
14:40:35 <bobmon01> #info more feature discussions- Suggestion was to formalize testing support for DPDK & ODP in Armband
14:41:10 <bobmon01> #info Suggestion came up on testing VPP as well.
14:41:49 <bobmon01> #info Dan R noted that APex has certainly tested with VPP and so this could be supported if DPDK support on Armband is verfiried
14:51:25 <AlexAvadanii> radez: about ovs-dpdk, we do build it, and I forgot about it, but we patched it a little to work on aarch64
14:51:45 <bobmon01> #info no other major features for E-release at this time, but we will work on the list to finalize for two weeks. May 5 deadline for release plan
14:52:24 <bobmon01> #info Armband will skip Danbue 2.0 to focus on the ~20 tickets opened for cleanup on Danube 3.0.
14:53:48 <bobmon01> #info In regards to Plugfest next week, Thomas L and Cristina from Armband team are attending and will focus on solidifying Qtip integration.
14:53:53 <AlexAvadanii> radez: if you can login via Pharos VPN, check out +
14:54:02 <bobmon01> #info next meeting May 5.
14:54:07 <bobmon01> #endmeeting