#opnfv-armband: 05May2017

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    1. Alexandru Avadanii (Enea) (AlexAvadanii, 14:11:00)
    2. Bob Monkman (bobmon01, 14:11:21)
    3. So, we will proceed with an update on IRC (bobmon01, 14:12:30)
    4. ALex and team had to cut a Danube 2.0 release yesterday. We did not realize it was mandatory to participate in interim release (bobmon01, 14:13:10)
    5. Alex or Crsitina can you please give an update on plan for Danube 3.0 (bobmon01, 14:13:51)
    6. two main tracks for next few weeks- Danube 3.0 which is primiarily focused on JIRA issue cleanup (bobmon01, 14:14:24)
    7. 2nd is that we shall seek some performance assessments using std OPNFV perf test, to see where we are at (bobmon01, 14:15:00)
    8. what sort of coordination or hurdles do you expect with Fuel team (bobmon01, 14:18:35)
    9. Ok, that sounds like a major work effort (bobmon01, 14:18:58)
    10. I am very concerned that this could consume an inordinate amout of resources and time, leaving little time for anything else (bobmon01, 14:19:37)
    11. So you are saying that this kubernets integration could enable better support for containerized VNFs? (bobmon01, 14:21:42)
    12. I want to work closely with Dan Radez and team on Apex Installer support as one of the highest priortiies (bobmon01, 14:22:31)
    13. we want and need CentOS support and another installer (bobmon01, 14:23:10)
    14. Dan R reports that he is in the final stages of getting Apex installer support for ARM back to where we was with OpenStack Newton, upgraded to Ocata in prep for E-release (bobmon01, 14:24:15)
    15. I would like to see tech leads from Armband reach out to Dan and determine is help can be provided to ensure that we get APex support for Euphrates (bobmon01, 14:25:10)
    16. Can we please mark this as a top priority for E-release? We need diversification here on Installers and of course base OS support wrt CENTOS (bobmon01, 14:26:19)
    17. thanks Thomas (bobmon01, 14:26:55)
    18. ... and ACK on the installer diversity priority. (Thol, 14:27:49)
    19. Besides Upgrading Fuel and adding Apex, the only major features I proposed for E-release platform were integrating better DPDK and ODP support for VNFs (bobmon01, 14:28:03)
    20. From our last online Armband meeting, did I miss any other features in the Plan that we had discussed? (bobmon01, 14:28:48)
    21. Due to last day of NFV World Congress being today, I need to get down to the event soon and so would prefer to keep this meeting short today (bobmon01, 14:31:10)
    22. any other topics people wish to cover? (bobmon01, 14:31:25)
    23. Ok...then I will close the meeting. We can iterate on tech-discuss in any urgent issues comes up between now and next meeting 2 weeks from today (bobmon01, 14:33:03)
    24. I will have GTM sorted (bobmon01, 14:33:16)
    25. endmeetings (bobmon01, 14:33:26)
    26. endmeeting (bobmon01, 14:33:38)

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