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    1. Bob Monkman (bobmon01, 14:06:29)
    2. the discussion today is wholly centered on MS3 and whether or not Armband should be expected/what is expected for MS3 (bobmon01, 14:22:14)
    3. MS3 is supposed to be Installation integration with OpenStack (bobmon01, 14:23:04)
    4. team on the call agrees that we need to ask Project leads for clarity as whether MS3 is a specific requirement for Armband to be demonstrating anything yet (bobmon01, 14:25:20)
    5. Team will discuss with Project leads and determine if an Exception request is required and we will submit if needed (bobmon01, 14:26:09)
    6. moved to status on Apex (bobmon01, 14:26:21)
    7. Dan R went over in detail the findings and status of RDO deployment , provision and testing (bobmon01, 14:27:52)
    8. The basic deployment is working (bobmon01, 14:29:22)
    9. there are some arch dependencies in the i-pixie boot mechnasims, wrt labling that will need to looked at more detail later (bobmon01, 14:30:53)
    10. just need to keep rolling through the pieces which seem to be on track as Dan had expected and hoping to having somehting demonstrable for OPNFV Summit (bobmon01, 14:34:55)
    11. we still hope that we may have APex working in time for E-release. TBD. (bobmon01, 14:35:27)

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