15:08:59 <bobmon01> #startmeeting 15Dec2017
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15:09:10 <bobmon01> hi joe
15:09:19 <bobmon01> #info bob monkman
15:10:28 <bobmon01> #info Euphrates 5.1 documentation milestone completed
15:10:47 <bobmon01> #info Cristina gave a short summary of Plugfest
15:11:39 <CristinaPauna> #info Cristina Pauna
15:14:04 <joekidder> AlexAvadanii: now computes are timing out on pxe boot.  I'm going to try to collect some data on the boot list from the controllers as well as write down the list of the boot devices from the computes.
15:18:25 <bobmon01> #info Discussed challenges of JOID Installer
15:19:44 <bobmon01> #info JOID does not support ODL and Armband does not support OpenCOntrail- so plans on hold
15:20:39 <bobmon01> #info Fraser is on track with MS3 well in hand
15:25:01 <bobmon01> #info - basic scenarios can deploy, health check works and in fact, functest passes on bare metal. So we are ahead of the game.
15:26:51 <bobmon01> #info Apex is stalled again and Bob will work with red Hat to determine a way forward and solving the technical challenges with Overcloud hanging on Undercloud.
15:33:44 <bobmon01> #info ALex and christina will investigate whether MCP can deploy CentOS based NFVI
15:41:59 <bobmon01> #info no meeting week of 25 Dec and we will keep the current cadence so we meet 12 jan next
15:42:04 <bobmon01> #endmeeting