#opnfv-armband: 12Jan2018

Meeting started by bobmon01 at 15:07:34 UTC (full logs).

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    1. bobmon01 (bobmon01, 15:08:18)
    2. Cristina Pauna (CristinaPauna, 15:08:38)
    3. Alexandru Avadanii (Enea) (AlexAvadanii, 15:10:53)
    4. we are way ahead on the MS3 with 3.0 and 3.1 already working. No issues with making the next release milestones (bobmon01, 15:21:17)
    5. Installer Status (bobmon01, 15:21:52)
    6. We will hold on JOID as the project status in question and it requires Open Contrail support which we do not have (bobmon01, 15:28:04)
    7. So we are putting this on hold until further input that we need to expend the effort and the JOID project is going to be staffed sufficiently (bobmon01, 15:30:14)
    8. Apex is stalled on timeout issues that have not been fixed by the latest virtualization support (bobmon01, 15:31:26)
    9. Arm will escalate to bring resources to the problem. (bobmon01, 15:32:00)
    10. Bob will be removing inactive committer from Armband team page and need to consider if any new committers (bobmon01, 15:39:24)
    11. Question about ODP supported in Euphrates (bobmon01, 15:42:50)
    12. we could not support testing specific scenarios for DPDK or ODP in E release as we have major hurdles for the MCP integration with new version of OpenStack and bare metal deployment support. (bobmon01, 15:45:28)
    13. ODP and DPDK testing/intergation is on the plan for 2018 but we are still defining which release and which hardware to do so on. (bobmon01, 15:46:09)
    14. Cristina asked about whether there will still be additional hardware on order. Bob confirms that it will be done but order not placed yet. This will be done within January to order 2 full pods for Armband lab. (bobmon01, 15:47:24)
    15. wrap- next meeting in 2 weeks. (bobmon01, 15:47:40)

Meeting ended at 15:47:44 UTC (full logs).

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  2. collabot (3)
  3. AlexAvadanii (1)
  4. CristinaPauna (1)

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