14:54:52 <bobmon01> #startmeeting 26Jun2017
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14:58:04 <CristinaPauna> #info Cristina Pauna
15:07:39 <bobmon01> #info bob monkman
15:08:01 <bobmon01> #milestones do not seem to be an issue
15:08:39 <bobmon01> #info next miletsone MS5 is about 5 weeks away
15:09:25 <bobmon01> #info Helath check is working but many functests are not working on x86 or Arm, but shoul dbe worked out over coming weeks- not unexpected
15:15:39 <bobmon01> #info Armband intends to support roughly 5 scenarios
15:17:39 <bobmon01> #info discussion on miixed pods
15:18:56 <bobmon01> #info Alex indicates that we can start working on mixed pods at anytime but it will be a slow process
15:19:31 <bobmon01> #info not a hard process, but a fair amount of planning and working thru the items
15:20:12 <bobmon01> #info Some folks have  suggested that we could do a virtual controller and bare metal compute nodes
15:24:42 <bobmon01> #info need to decide on jump server and mix of controller and compute nodes.
15:25:18 <bobmon01> #info Alex will do some investigation before next meeting
15:28:36 <bobmon01> #info We also need to discuss which Arm Compute nodes in the mixed pod
15:31:04 <bobmon01> #info we ultimately think the most appropriate compute nodes are NXP LS2, OcteonTx, Marvell
15:37:00 <bobmon01> #info we will need to pick the right HW based on kernel , ODL, OVS version
15:39:31 <bobmon01> #info discussion topic ONS developers day
15:40:18 <bobmon01> #info Cristina will brainstorm with team on topics and motivation to attend ONS developer days- Mixed Pods, VPP integration etc
16:54:37 <joekidder> AlexAvadanii1: just holler when you think things are ready.
17:08:24 <AlexAvadanii1> joekidder: I merged all the fixes in Fuel, now pushing the Armband rebase on top of that
17:08:47 <AlexAvadanii1> joekidder: next, I would wait for some of our CI to confirm it works ok, but you can start the deploy right away if you want to risk it
17:09:08 <AlexAvadanii1> joekidder: I usually don't break stuff at rebases, but you never know, so it's up to you
17:14:25 <AlexAvadanii1> joekidder: everything merged, CI job started https://build.opnfv.org/ci/view/armband/job/fuel-deploy-armband-baremetal-daily-euphrates/136/console
17:14:42 <AlexAvadanii1> joekidder: you can try a redeploy any time you want now, or you can wait for CI confirmation first
17:24:52 <joekidder> ok.  In order to get from stable/e, what do I do again?  I lost my git command history and can't remember how I choose that stream...
17:33:50 <AlexAvadanii1> joekidder: sry, I did not see you wrote
17:34:07 <joekidder> no biggie...been writing a long email...
17:34:09 <AlexAvadanii1> joekidder: you start with a rm -rf :)
17:34:19 <AlexAvadanii1> because I have no idea how old your repo is
17:34:28 <AlexAvadanii1> at some point we added a nice make target by default
17:34:30 <joekidder> I just rename armband to armband-old
17:34:57 <AlexAvadanii1> so in newer versions of armband, to get the latest updates for a branch (master or stable/E), all you have to do is `make` in armband git repo root
17:35:01 <AlexAvadanii1> so in the future, you can use that
17:35:05 <AlexAvadanii1> cool
17:35:07 <bobmon01> #endmeeting