#opnfv-armband: 06Apr2018Armband

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Meeting summary

    1. Bob Monkman (bobmon01, 13:57:24)
    2. brief meeting as Romania is on holiday (bobmon01, 14:10:27)
    3. Dan Lilliehorn gives a brief update on Fraser- which is on track (bobmon01, 14:11:09)
    4. hardware availability update- 1 full pod shipping to Sweden within 1 week (bobmon01, 14:21:03)
    5. a 2nd full pod will follow 2-3 weeks (bobmon01, 14:21:49)
    6. Need to ramp up Apex/CentOS work in next couple of weeks using the new hardware pod (bobmon01, 14:23:25)
    7. we will be exploring getting involved in vCO 2 demo in next few weeks - more on that later (bobmon01, 14:26:00)
    8. that is all for this week. No issues expected for Fraser readiness and we will sync up next week separately when the testing team returns to make sure all is ready. (bobmon01, 14:27:59)
    9. next Armband call is 2 weeks 20April (bobmon01, 14:28:26)

Meeting ended at 14:28:32 UTC (full logs).

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