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13:56:06 <bobmon01> #info Bob Monkman
14:01:33 <CristinaPauna> #info Cristina Pauna
14:03:38 <bobmon01> #info Topic Gambia MS3
14:04:10 <bobmon01> #info Sudden addition Healthcheck tests were added  1 week before MS 3.1
14:04:29 <bobmon01> #info many projects were impacted
14:05:30 <bobmon01> #info problems with tests themselves as well as other issues
14:07:35 <bobmon01> #info chaos has ensued for the last 3 weeks and projects are trying to manage around the changes
14:07:52 <bobmon01> #info we are simply moving on and dealing with the changes
14:12:09 <CristinaPauna> https://registry.hub.docker.com/v2/repositories/tripleomaster/
14:14:16 <CristinaPauna> https://hub.docker.com/search/?isAutomated=0&isOfficial=0&page=1&pullCount=0&q=tripleomaster&starCount=0
14:20:06 <bobmon01> #info Topic CentOS/Apex
14:20:33 <bobmon01> #info There are apprx 10 containers that need to be built for Apex Overcloud support
14:21:05 <bobmon01> #info Armband is building these manually and then Bob will work with Red Hat to see if we can get these maintained as a matter of multi arch support practise
14:31:07 <bobmon01> #info making steady but slow progress
14:31:25 <bobmon01> #info Bob has the list of containers that need to be maintained
14:31:46 <bobmon01> #info heterogenous pod support
14:32:05 <bobmon01> #info PO is in process for a 3 node Dell Controller cluster
14:32:19 <bobmon01> #info should be at Enea within 2-3 weeks
15:15:43 <bobmon01> #info topic Edge Cloud
15:16:35 <bobmon01> #info We continue to monitor the Edge Cloud project which is focused on OpenStack Keystone federation of Multi-Cloud right now
15:17:24 <bobmon01> #info we have some planning to do around how we wish to contribute edge platform stacks optimized for edge and this will happen over next few weeks
15:18:34 <bobmon01> #Otherwise Gambia release is on track and moving along. Next Armband meeting is scheduled for 2 weeks 27July but may need to be moved as Bob is on vacation.
15:18:39 <bobmon01> #endmeeting