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23:31:07 <yjiang5> Hi, everyone.
23:32:36 <yjiang5> rreddy1: but it goes wrong when you speak :)
23:33:16 <yjiang5> rreddy1: now it's good now.
23:43:57 <n0ano> https://wiki.opnfv.org/display/compass4nfv
23:50:12 <yjiang5> https://wiki.opnfv.org/display/SWREL/OPNFV+C+release+planning+activities
23:55:42 <rreddy1> #topic
23:56:10 <rreddy1> #topic RT Kernel Upgrade
23:57:54 <rreddy1> Patch for Kernel parameters is now merged
23:58:18 <rreddy1> Don submitted patches for OVS support and is Waiting for review – Yunhong and Jose to help review
23:58:28 <rreddy1> -	Jose to run cyclic tests starting tomorrow
23:58:34 <rreddy1> -	Yunhong also to run some tests
23:58:54 <rreddy1> #topic Multiple distribution/installer support
23:59:02 <rreddy1> -	Mirantis not planning to support Fedora/CentOS support
00:00:00 <rreddy1> Multiple distribution/installer support
00:00:00 <rreddy1> -	Mirantis not planning to support Fedora/CentOS support
00:00:00 <rreddy1> -	One option is to look at Compass. https://wiki.opnfv.org/display/compass4nfv
00:00:00 <rreddy1> o	Raghu to confirm with Harsh that Compass does not support CentOS. Harsh had earlier indicated that Compass does not support CentOS
00:00:00 <rreddy1> -	If compass does not support we can look at Apex
00:00:02 <rreddy1> -	Resource: Jose to find time to do more explore work but is not committing to this effort yet.
00:00:16 <rreddy1> #topic Release Timelines
00:00:22 <rreddy1> C-Release timelines published
00:00:33 <rreddy1> 
00:00:33 <rreddy1> MS#	Timeline	Target
00:00:33 <rreddy1> Project planning start	8/March	Projects indicate intent to participate in the release
00:00:33 <rreddy1> Planning complete	8/April	Close project inclusion and plans are established
00:00:33 <rreddy1> Feature Code freeze	31/Mai	Close feature project development phase - freeze
00:00:34 <rreddy1> Installation Code freeze	21/June	Installer/plugins code complete
00:00:36 <rreddy1> Test Code freeze	28/June	Test infra and scenario tests complete
00:00:38 <rreddy1> Integration ready	26/July	Scenario integration complete
00:00:40 <rreddy1> Release	16/August	Release
00:00:42 <rreddy1> 
00:00:52 <rreddy1> #endmeeting