23:55:42 <rreddy1> #startmeeting weekly
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23:56:16 <rreddy1> #topic Kernel Upgrade Status
23:57:13 <rreddy1> We have performance issues with our kernel and the guess is that we are missing some patches.
23:57:21 <rreddy1> Yunhong to reach out to Don for help
23:58:16 <rreddy1> Once we close on the patches, Yunhong will run baseline performance tests and will publish results
23:58:36 <rreddy1> #topic Installer
23:59:21 <rreddy1> We will drop Compass as the 2nd option for installer if Jose does not participate in the project going forward
00:00:16 <rreddy1> We will evaluate Apex as an option. Since Intel has close relationship with RHAT, Apex might be a better choice. Raghu to reach out to RHAT through Paul and ask if we can leverage Apex project
00:01:43 <rreddy1> #topic C-Release timeline
00:02:39 <rreddy1> Most likely the release timeline will be pushed out. We are still waiting for official note but the new code freeze date is mostly in July.
00:03:21 <rreddy1> #topic Qemu patch
00:04:00 <rreddy1> Jose posted Qemu update sometime back. Need additional reviews. Yunhong to send note to Liang and ask for review.
00:04:12 <rreddy1> #topic Next Meeting
00:04:40 <rreddy1> Next meeting is on June 9th  7:00 AM PST
00:05:02 <rreddy1> #topic Benchmarks
00:05:28 <rreddy1> Yunhong to publish bi-weekly performance/benchmarks starting next week
00:05:49 <rreddy1> #endmeeting