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00:10:45 <rreddy1> #topic Performance issue
00:11:00 <rreddy1> Issue is resolved.Yunhong to create Jira Ticket and provide related information.
00:11:14 <rreddy1> #topic RelEng
00:11:24 <rreddy1> Working with RelEng team to make sure build is loaded to Artifact after patches are merged. (Check Fatis)
00:11:24 <rreddy1> Build not loaded to articfact
00:11:36 <rreddy1> #topic JIRA
00:11:43 <rreddy1> Requesting team members to update jira for all the activities
00:11:59 <rreddy1> #topic kernal image does not write into the correct path
00:12:17 <rreddy1> Issue resolved, patched pushed.
00:12:17 <rreddy1> Requesting David to close the issue
00:12:24 <rreddy1> #topic opens
00:12:41 <rreddy1> 1)	Don submitted patch to remove ovs quirk. Don requesting to review the patch as this is critical
00:13:10 <rreddy1> #endmeeting