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00:04:15 <rreddy1> #topic
00:04:39 <rreddy1> #topic project Milestones
00:04:51 <rreddy1> o	MS1: Project planning - Complete
00:04:51 <rreddy1> o	MS2: Scenarios defined - Complete
00:04:51 <rreddy1> o	MS3: Installer integration with OpenStack completed – N/A
00:04:51 <rreddy1> o	MS4: Detailed test case descriptions - Complete
00:04:51 <rreddy1> o	MS5: Infrastructure updates completed - Complete
00:04:51 <rreddy1> o	MS6: Feature freeze - Complete
00:04:53 <rreddy1> o	MS7: Test cases implemented – Complete
00:04:55 <rreddy1> o	MS8: Scenario integration completed – Complete
00:04:57 <rreddy1> o	MS9: Stable branch created - WIP
00:04:59 <rreddy1> o	MS10: Documentation completed - WIP
00:05:07 <rreddy1> #topic CI/CD Integration
00:05:13 <rreddy1> o	Setup the environment for integration (H/W Setup –Octopus, Jenkins) – Complete
00:05:14 <rreddy1> o	Update / Create scripts for continuous testing - WIP
00:05:26 <rreddy1> #topic Scenario Testing
00:05:33 <rreddy1> o	We have an issue of Scenario test stability. KVM4NFV successfully got deployed couple of times but failed other times. We are debugging the issue with help of OpenStack Intel team and the Fuel team. We have secured additional POD for debugging and have setup the environment for running the scenario test. Next step is to start debugging the issue.
00:05:43 <rreddy1> #topic Documentation
00:05:53 <rreddy1> o	We have started work on documentation
00:06:03 <rreddy1> #topic Jira Items
00:06:09 <rreddy1> o	The progress on closing the JIRA items for C-release is very slow. We need help from all the developers to focus on completing the work and closing the issues by next week, when the stable branch will be created.
00:06:14 <rreddy1> #topic Opens
00:06:37 <rreddy1> Don has a patch that is waiting to be merged. Need another +2 and need to be merged
00:06:59 <rreddy1> Yunhong to request David to review the patch
00:07:07 <rreddy1> #endmeeting