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00:06:22 <rreddy1> #topic D-Release Timelines
00:08:28 <rreddy1> Key Dates are : Planning Complete by 10/13; Scenarios Defined by 11/3; Feature Freeze Completed by 1/13; Stable Branch Created by 3/17 and D-Release 1.0 on 3/24
00:08:45 <rreddy1> #topic D-Release Planning
00:09:14 <rreddy1> Discussed the initial list of tasks planned for D-Release
00:09:49 <rreddy1> - Rongwei from China Mobile plan to provide additional Test cases. She will discuss with internal team and get more input before 10/13.
00:10:00 <rreddy1> - Current list of things include
00:11:21 <rreddy1> Data publishing enhancement. Testing integration with Yardstick
00:11:21 <rreddy1> Enhance guest image. Provide scripts to create the guest image automatically
00:11:21 <rreddy1> Add stress testing. CPU/memory intensive testing on daily testing.
00:11:21 <rreddy1> Analyze Latency numbers with and without CAT
00:11:21 <rreddy1> Model Asynchronous Workload
00:11:21 <rreddy1> Model Synchronous workload – Random work on the system
00:11:23 <rreddy1> Debian package generation
00:11:25 <rreddy1> Task C: Creation of qemu and kernel Rpms inside centos docker
00:11:27 <rreddy1> Define additional scenarios
00:11:29 <rreddy1> Create a new scenario KVM+OVS+DPDK with and without HA for virtual and bare metal
00:11:31 <rreddy1> Define and add additional tests to Yardstick
00:11:33 <rreddy1> Fuel environment setup for local machine to debug Fuel related integration issues
00:11:35 <rreddy1> Run practical applications.
00:11:39 <rreddy1> #endmeeting