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23:53:26 <rreddy1> #topic D Release Tasks
23:55:12 <rreddy1> For new use cases about running the practical application, rongwei proposed to use wireless communication application that could run in the VM based in KVM. This application is a set of LTE stack that could run as an VNF in the NFV framework. This application has already worked in the openstack environment in our lab. For this application could be tested on the OPNFV platform. This application program can be reformed into an common application that
23:55:12 <rreddy1> could be an workload in the platform.
23:55:46 <rreddy1> Based on the current timeline, we can make this application reformed and tested in the D-release.
23:56:13 <rreddy1> In addition to that, we can use one of the Intel ISB NFV for testing in D-release.
23:56:33 <rreddy1> #Topic Jira
23:57:00 <rreddy1> Raghu to create JIRA items for D-Release before next meeting
23:57:06 <rreddy1> #endmeeting