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23:41:55 <yjiang5> rreddy1: Can't join the goto meeting.
00:06:53 <rreddy1> #topic D Release Schedule
00:07:02 <rreddy1> Completed planning info for D-Release. https://wiki.opnfv.org/display/SWREL/Summary+of+Project+Release+Plans+for+Danube
00:07:02 <rreddy1> Next milestone – Complete scenario definition by 11/3
00:07:18 <rreddy1> #topic China Mobile Test Case
00:08:24 <rreddy1> Yunhong to start thread to discuss test case implementation details. Yunhong is concerned we may not be able to deliver this for D-release as may have to tweak the OAI layer
00:08:33 <rreddy1> #topic CAT
00:08:53 <rreddy1> CAT patches are already Included in upstream KVM. We will include the patches into RT KVM and KVM Kernel
00:09:17 <rreddy1> #endmeeting