08:04:41 <zhipeng> #startmeeting Multisite Weekly Team Meeting 2015.05.28
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08:04:54 <zhipeng> #topic Roll Call
08:05:05 <zhipeng> #info Joe Huang
08:05:14 <zhipeng> #info Howard Huang
08:05:17 <zhipeng> #info Uli
08:05:59 <zhipeng> #info Malla Reddy Sama
08:06:09 <zhipeng> #topic Agenda Bashing
08:09:14 <zhipeng> #info Xiaolong Kong
08:09:55 <zhipeng> #info agenda: #link https://etherpad.opnfv.org/p/multisite_meeting_agenda_proposal
08:13:07 <zhipeng> #topic Use Case Discussion
08:15:33 <zhipeng> #info Joe explains the Keystone multisite failover use case
08:20:15 <zhipeng> #info no question for Keystone Use Case, Joe go on to explain the VNF HA multisite Use Case
08:25:06 <zhipeng> #info for HA Use Case, two main gaps are targeted
08:25:32 <zhipeng> #info overlay l2 network and shared floating IP, across multiple sites
08:25:59 <MatthewLi4> #jun li
08:26:49 <zhipeng> #info Jun Li
08:26:54 <zhipeng> this is the right way :P
08:27:11 <MatthewLi4> why there is only yourself?
08:27:28 <MatthewLi4> where is the other peoples?
08:27:43 <zhipeng> on GTM
08:28:33 <zhipeng> #info Xiaolong suggests to have requirements, besides use cases
08:28:51 <MatthewLi4> ?
08:28:56 <MatthewLi4> what is GTM
08:29:01 <zhipeng> gotomeeting....
08:29:38 <MatthewLi4> why they don't go here
08:30:17 <zhipeng> #info Xiaolong suggests to have a centralized platform for mgmt, so item 4 and 5 maybe should be merged
08:30:29 <zhipeng> they are talking, I'm taking minutes here....
08:31:21 <MatthewLi4> ......
08:31:36 <MatthewLi4> seems strange
08:32:33 <zhipeng> no most team do it this way
08:32:50 <zhipeng> #Info Malla question about Keystone
08:33:05 <zhipeng> Malla could you type the question here?
08:33:49 <MatthewLi4> yep
08:36:44 <zhipeng> #info Malla asks it seems the current Keystone solution is already distributed, and can support the requirement
08:38:14 <zhipeng> #info Joe answers that even if Keystone could be deployed distributed across multisite, it would be almost impossible to manage the DBs
08:39:09 <zhipeng> #info Malla asks for VNF HA use case, how to hand over to the standby VM seemlessly
08:40:40 <zhipeng> #info Joe answers that when standby VM detects the failure, or an arbitrator detect the failure, then the handover process starts
08:44:18 <zhipeng> #info Joe asks Xiaolong which token type would he prefer, UUID, pki or fernet
08:44:43 <zhipeng> #info Xiaolong expressed maybe pki are prefered
08:49:33 <malla> #info Resource quota is very difficult in multi-site openstack.
08:49:41 <zhipeng> #info Malla asks for Telco WG, if they've alreay started the same work
08:51:12 <zhipeng> #info Joe answers that there is no similar work currently
08:52:50 <zhipeng> #info Malla suggest to invite OpenStack multisite guys over to the meeting
08:53:46 <zhipeng> #info maybe a special meeting with North America guys in OpenStack
08:55:02 <zhipeng> #topic AOB
08:55:51 <malla> Thanks Zhipeng for mintues ... :)
08:56:02 <zhipeng> malla no problem :)
08:56:12 <zhipeng> malla hope I captured them all
08:56:26 <zhipeng> #endmeeting