08:05:57 <zhipeng> #startmeeting Multisite Weekly Team Meeting 2015.06.04
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08:06:10 <zhipeng> #topic Roll Call
08:06:26 <zhipeng> #info Joe
08:06:32 <zhipeng> #info Howard
08:06:55 <zhipeng> #info Dimitri Mazmannov
08:07:00 <zhipeng> #info Colin
08:08:53 <zhipeng> #topic Use Case and Gap Analysis
08:09:57 <zhipeng> #info Colin explains on the Geo-Redundancy
08:15:34 <HKirksey> How are things this morning?
08:16:50 * fdegir will continue holding his breath next 20 minutes
08:26:49 <zhipeng> #info Colin mentions that the current cinder and swift replication scheme risks fault propagation
08:28:54 <HKirksey> Don’t turn blue though, please!
08:29:50 <zhipeng> HKirksey you are crushing the multisite party :P
08:30:12 <HKirksey> Ha, whoops, yes I am. Sorry I didn’t notice the meeting topic. I’m al Arno Arno Arno :)
08:30:20 <HKirksey> I’ll let y’all get back to your regularly scheduled meeting
08:31:37 <zhipeng> no problem, u r always welcomed, just remember to bring a bottle next time lol
08:34:22 <HKirksey> I can definitely do that!
08:34:34 <zhipeng> #info Joe explains various currently available OpenStack solutions for multi site scenario
08:36:58 <joehuang> why the meeting was ended suddenly
08:37:09 <zhipeng> #info Dimitri mentions that Nova Cell is now built in and may take momentum
08:39:06 <joehuang> let's continue the discussion in IRC
08:39:25 <joehuang> Nova cells has long way to go for Cell V2
08:40:09 <zhipeng> somebody started a meeting kicked us out
08:42:49 <joehuang> hi, dimitri. how do you think about cells to be used for mutlisite candidate solution
08:46:08 <zhipeng> #info Dimitri says CERN, Rachspace, Godady all use Cell, although with modification
08:59:44 <zhipeng> #endmeeting