14:00:03 <frankbrockners> #startmeeting OPNFV TSC meeting Aug/25
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14:00:11 <frankbrockners> #topic roll call
14:00:13 <GeraldK_> #info Gerald Kunzmann
14:00:17 <frankbrockners> #info Frank Brockners
14:00:20 <GeraldK_> proxy for Ashiq Khan (DOCOMO)
14:00:26 <ildikov> #info Ildiko Vancsa
14:00:27 <dduffey> #info David Duffey
14:00:36 <ildikov> proxy for Chris Price
14:01:35 <bryan_att> #info Bryan Sullivan
14:01:42 <chenshuai> #info chenshuai
14:01:52 <tallgren> #info Tapio Tallgren
14:02:40 <cdub> #info Chris Wright
14:02:51 <ashyoung> #info Ashlee Young
14:03:14 <narindergupta> #info Narinder Gupta
14:03:18 <dlenrow> #info dlenrow
14:03:24 <AndreaP> #info Andrea Pinnola
14:03:30 <rprakash> #info rprakash
14:03:39 <frankbrockners> #info agenda for today: https://wiki.opnfv.org/wiki/tsc
14:04:16 <trozet> #info Tim Rozet
14:04:17 <dku> #info Dirk Kutscher
14:04:30 <mlynch2> #info Mike Lynch
14:04:44 <dneary> #info Dave Neary
14:04:59 <frankbrockners> #topic approval of previous minutes
14:05:38 <frankbrockners> #agree previous minutes have been approved
14:05:45 <frankbrockners> #topic agenda bashing
14:05:50 <Wenjing> #info Wenjing Chu
14:06:27 <Parviz> #info Parviz Yegani
14:06:46 <frankbrockners> #chair GeraldK_
14:06:46 <collabot> Current chairs: GeraldK_ frankbrockners
14:06:52 <dneary> frankbrockners, I may have to drop off, but while I am here I will help minute
14:07:04 <frankbrockners> #chair dneary rprakash
14:07:04 <collabot> Current chairs: GeraldK_ dneary frankbrockners rprakash
14:07:05 <rprakash> #info add rprakash
14:07:23 <frankbrockners> #agree agenda has been agreed
14:07:35 <GeraldK_> #topic OPNFV Event overview
14:07:38 <frankbrockners> #topic OPNFV Event overview
14:08:08 <dneary> è--'è-
14:08:12 <dneary> (&à--è
14:08:14 <dneary> -à--çè
14:08:15 <GeraldK_> #info mini-summit at SDN & OpenFlow World Congress
14:08:23 <dneary> oops
14:09:14 <GeraldK_> #info open CfP running. looking for new and novel content to share with community
14:09:25 <rprakash> #info sumbmit Call for Papers(CFP) for events
14:09:35 <julien_ZTE> #info Julien
14:09:42 <GeraldK_> #info technical community meeting in Düsseldorf planned
14:10:46 <GeraldK_> #info trying to reach out to locals in Düsseldorf/Germany area. support by locals needed on this.
14:11:17 <GeraldK_> #info question to TSC: what should we organize there? who will be there?
14:11:59 <GeraldK_> #info Frank proposes to follow approach from past events, i.e. setup etherpad page to collect information around event and participants
14:12:17 <GeraldK_> #info Frank might find room in a local office space
14:12:40 <rprakash> #info Adding to Dedra's call for Papers Frank wanted to find local sponsorors in Dusseldroff
14:12:50 <dneary> Is Düsseldorf a telco hub? I didn't think so
14:12:58 <dneary> I don't see an ODL user group
14:13:22 <GeraldK_> #info Heather: do you think we can attract new people? Frank: yes, especially sales people interested in OPNFV. therefore, meetup location should be close to WorldCongress
14:13:28 <dneary> Seems like the main audience would be SDN/OpenFlow World Congress attendees
14:13:47 <GeraldK_> #info OpenStack / IETF update
14:13:53 <dneary> #info OpenStack Summit Tokyo - no OPNFV Day this time, due to space and cost constraints
14:14:26 <GeraldK_> #info shall we meet for half day on monday to e.g. discuss on interesting session in the summit?
14:15:50 <dlenrow> Strategerizing :)
14:16:18 <dneary> HKirksey, I think it would be useful
14:17:03 <GeraldK_> #info community dinner/evening meeting vs. afternoon session (as some people may not arrive by noon)
14:17:12 <bryan_att> I would support it. I will be there all Monday.
14:17:43 <GeraldK_> why not create another etherpage around the OpenStack summit
14:17:44 <dku> I'll be there, too
14:17:53 <dlenrow> +1 OPNFV dinner @ event
14:18:06 <ildikov> GeraldK_: etherpad can work too
14:18:48 <GeraldK_> #action Heather to setup Etherpad for coordinating the meet-up
14:18:59 <rprakash> #info +1 OPNFV dinner @ event
14:19:52 <GeraldK_> #info why not just book a room if it does not cost too much?
14:20:44 <GeraldK_> #info Etherpad page can collect all information around the OpenStack Summit, e.g. interesting sessions, ....
14:20:48 <dneary> Agenda could cover Design Summit prep and OPNFV Summit
14:21:32 <GeraldK_> #info the IETF will have hackfest on the weekend after the OpenStack Summit
14:23:41 <GeraldK_> #info they will not have a bits&bytes in Yokohama
14:23:59 <GeraldK_> #info OPNFV summit
14:24:46 <GeraldK_> #info currently executing CfP review and discussion on organization and structuring; working on draft agenda
14:27:02 <rprakash> #info Program committee is working on  3 tracks and events 131 submits, looking at talks/tutorials/panels possily 25% or more
14:27:19 <GeraldK_> #info Michael Lynch wants to know number of accepted contributions. Heather: currently trying to combine topics; accept rate of ~25%; planning to have Demo area (with project focus)
14:28:06 <GeraldK_> #info Parviz: can we still bring keynote speakers? yes, contact Heather offline
14:29:15 <rprakash> #info email brandon and heather regrding Demo and regrds to CXO level talks work with heather offflin
14:29:59 <GeraldK_> someone knows how many proposals did we get for the OPNFV Summit?
14:30:15 <frankbrockners> #topic Weekly Brahmaputra release planning synch meeting
14:30:17 <rprakash> #info Frank asks Heather to send email to everybody regards to event particpation etc.
14:31:01 <GeraldK_> #info idea to use 1 hour after TSC call for B-release planning
14:31:32 <GeraldK_> #info this would mean the tech-call would continue on Thursdays
14:32:02 <rprakash> #topic Project Creation review
14:32:06 <frankbrockners> #topic Project creation review: PolicyTest
14:32:23 <frankbrockners> #link https://wiki.opnfv.org/policytest/policytest_project_proposal
14:33:27 <GeraldK_> #info alagalah presents the project
14:34:26 <dneary> #info PolicyTest defines system-level tests which exercise network policy scripts
14:34:36 <GeraldK_> #info Ramki: is the focus of the project infrastructure policy? Yes.
14:34:39 <dneary> #info Focus is on infrastructure policy, not orchestration
14:38:37 <GeraldK_> #info the scope of the project is for all kind of policy test cases, but open to what people contribute as part of this project
14:38:43 <GeraldK_> #undo
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14:38:48 <GeraldK_> #info the scope of the project is open for all kind of policy test cases, but open to what people contribute as part of this project
14:39:24 <GeraldK_> #info Ramki: e.g. in ODL there already exist such test cases. do you plan to elaborate on this? yes.
14:39:32 <frankbrockners> #startvote Approve PolicyTest as an OPNFV project? -1, 0, 1
14:39:32 <collabot> Begin voting on: Approve PolicyTest as an OPNFV project? Valid vote options are -1, 0, 1.
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14:39:43 <bryan_att> #vote +1
14:39:43 <collabot> bryan_att: +1 is not a valid option. Valid options are -1, 0, 1.
14:39:44 <Parviz> #vote +1
14:39:44 <collabot> Parviz: +1 is not a valid option. Valid options are -1, 0, 1.
14:39:46 <cdub> #vote 1
14:39:47 <tallgren> #vote +1
14:39:47 <collabot> tallgren: +1 is not a valid option. Valid options are -1, 0, 1.
14:39:48 <frankbrockners> #vote +1
14:39:48 <collabot> frankbrockners: +1 is not a valid option. Valid options are -1, 0, 1.
14:39:49 <GeraldK_> #vote +1
14:39:49 <collabot> GeraldK_: +1 is not a valid option. Valid options are -1, 0, 1.
14:39:52 <ashyoung> #vote +1
14:39:52 <collabot> ashyoung: +1 is not a valid option. Valid options are -1, 0, 1.
14:39:53 <ildikov> #vote 1
14:39:55 <dlenrow> #vote +1
14:39:55 <collabot> dlenrow: +1 is not a valid option. Valid options are -1, 0, 1.
14:39:57 <bryan_att> #vote 1
14:39:59 <GeraldK_> #vote 1
14:40:01 <tallgren> #vote 1
14:40:02 <AndreaP> #vote 0
14:40:10 <dku> #vote 0
14:40:11 <Parviz> +vote 1
14:40:12 <ramki> ramki +1
14:40:13 <ashyoung> #vote 1
14:40:18 <dlenrow> #vote 1
14:40:26 <HKirksey> #vote + 1
14:40:26 <collabot> HKirksey: + 1 is not a valid option. Valid options are -1, 0, 1.
14:40:30 <frankbrockners> #vote 1
14:40:35 <HKirksey> #vote 1
14:40:42 <dneary> frankbrockners, You confused people by not putting -1, 0, +1 :-)
14:40:43 <ramki> ramki 1
14:40:44 <Parviz> #vote 1
14:40:49 <HKirksey> #info Proxy for Wenjing Chu
14:41:14 <cdub> just to test that people are reading
14:41:20 <frankbrockners> #endvote
14:41:20 <collabot> Voted on "Approve PolicyTest as an OPNFV project?" Results are
14:41:20 <collabot> 1 (10): ildikov, dlenrow, GeraldK_, frankbrockners, ashyoung, bryan_att, tallgren, cdub, HKirksey, Parviz
14:41:20 <collabot> 0 (2): AndreaP, dku
14:41:22 <GeraldK_> ramki, you need to use "vote"
14:41:24 <ramki> #vote 1
14:42:30 <frankbrockners> #info PolicyTest project got approved
14:42:56 <frankbrockners> #topic Project creation review: SDN distributed routing and VPN
14:43:27 <frankbrockners> #link https://wiki.opnfv.org/sdnvpn
14:43:30 <tallgren> 
14:45:03 <frankbrockners> #info no representative available for the sndvpn team
14:45:10 <GeraldK_> #info postponed to next week
14:45:15 <frankbrockners> #info project will be up for review again next week
14:46:01 <frankbrockners> #topic Project creation review: Controller performance testing
14:46:05 <frankbrockners> #link https://wiki.opnfv.org/project_proposals/cperf
14:48:03 <frankbrockners> #info no representative available for the cperf team
14:48:10 <frankbrockners> #info project will be up for review again next week
14:48:29 <cdub> i vote for no more votes
14:49:49 <GeraldK_> bye
14:50:03 <GeraldK_> #endmeeting