08:02:52 <joehuang> #startmeeting multisite
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08:03:18 <joehuang> #topic rollcall
08:03:29 <joehuang> #info joehuang
08:03:36 <sorantis> #info sorantis
08:03:45 <tallgren> #info Tapio Tallgren
08:03:52 <Malla> #info Malla
08:04:02 <sorantis> joehuang, have you seen these JIRA requests from Chris?
08:04:13 <joehuang> yes
08:04:32 <joehuang> there some new jira ticket, but not look into detail
08:05:30 <joehuang> #topic jira and gerrit
08:06:01 <sorantis> it’s basically about providing some info about multisite UCs
08:06:13 <sorantis> for B release
08:06:14 <joehuang> for jira ticket, I'll check to see what's new ticket submitted from other projects
08:06:19 <joehuang> ok
08:06:31 <joehuang> we need to provide some information
08:07:19 <joehuang> I also found that esclator/ha has some dependency on our project output
08:07:40 <sorantis> what is the date for the B release?
08:07:48 <joehuang> Feb
08:07:55 <sorantis> ok
08:08:28 <joehuang> I hope that all gerrit review for usecase 1/2/3 could be finished before Oct.25.
08:09:14 <joehuang> If no objection review comment for these usecase 1/2/3, then it'll be approved on Oct.25, so that for input to OpenStack M release
08:09:15 <sorantis> let’s set a deadline
08:09:33 <sorantis> correct
08:09:35 <sorantis> +1
08:09:47 <joehuang> for use case 4/5, hope it can be finished before the end of Nov
08:10:20 <joehuang> Malla, Tapio, your comments?
08:10:32 <sorantis> a solution proposal could be doable
08:10:38 <sorantis> but implementation - no
08:10:55 <tallgren> Sounds ok
08:10:57 <joehuang> for implementation, we can do it in OpenStack
08:10:59 <sorantis> We will open source our initial work on Kingbird - only quota related stuff
08:11:16 <sorantis> further we can extend it with other sync functionality
08:11:17 <Malla> +1
08:11:35 <joehuang> for usecase 4/5 we can discuss today and next few meeting
08:11:45 <Malla> We should speed our process
08:11:57 <Malla> for release B
08:12:23 <joehuang> #agree the deadline for usecase 1/2/3 review is Oct. 25
08:12:35 <sorantis> Joe, will you be in Tokyo?
08:12:42 <joehuang> yes. We need to speed up
08:12:51 <joehuang> I'll be at Tokyo summit
08:13:01 <sorantis> ok
08:13:11 <Malla> SFO?
08:13:30 <joehuang> no, OpenStack summit Tokyo
08:14:02 <joehuang> how about you? would you attend Tokyo summit
08:14:19 <tallgren> I will be in SFO but not in Tokyo
08:14:34 <joehuang> a little pitty
08:14:39 <Malla> me too either, I will be in SFO, not in Tokyo.. :(
08:14:57 <joehuang> Howard will be in SFO
08:15:22 <joehuang> Let's discuss the use case 4/5
08:15:32 <joehuang> #topic usecase 4
08:17:03 <joehuang> for usecase 4, Sorantis proposed the quota part, and I also drafted the idea about a standalone service to cover both use case 4 and 5
08:17:36 <joehuang> #link https://etherpad.opnfv.org/p/multisite_centralized_service
08:18:01 <joehuang> #link http://docs.kingbird.apiary.io/#
08:18:22 <sorantis> so I think your service proposal is a general service for syncing all types of resources
08:18:22 <joehuang> #link https://etherpad.opnfv.org/p/centralized_quota_management
08:18:37 <sorantis> whereas mine is just a deep-dive in the quota part
08:18:55 <sorantis> in my opinion, they can be merged in the end
08:19:19 <joehuang> my idea is to have a standalone service to handle all regarding cross openstack requiements
08:19:44 <joehuang> sure, it could be a same service, we don't need to develop two service
08:20:11 <joehuang> I talked these in July to colin
08:20:22 <joehuang> he think this a progress
08:21:07 <sorantis> have you read my comments in your proposal?
08:21:13 <sorantis> Let’s take the quota part again
08:21:26 <sorantis> I’d like to hear your thoughts about introducing quota policy
08:22:21 <joehuang> different tenant( or openstack term project ) may have different quota policy
08:22:39 <joehuang> it's up to cloud adminstrator
08:22:59 <sorantis> yes, but why alarms are in the policy?
08:23:12 <sorantis> isn’t it Ceilometer who does alarming?
08:23:23 <sorantis> why should Kingbird be concerned about it?
08:23:27 <joehuang> for some tenant, the cloud admin may strictly restrict the tenant to apply resources
08:23:48 <joehuang> but for some others, may no limitation, just pay as you go
08:24:17 <sorantis> ok, that part is clear
08:24:19 <joehuang> Ceilometer doesn't process quota
08:24:37 <sorantis> ceilometer can register a custom counter
08:24:48 <sorantis> this counter can be the number of allocated VMs for example
08:25:01 <sorantis> so it’s not about quota, it’s about the usage
08:25:14 <sorantis> or am I missing something?
08:26:23 <joehuang> the counter is not quota itself
08:27:03 <sorantis> yes, it’s the usage
08:27:34 <joehuang> to move our work, I think we can remove the alarm part in the quota policy first, if someone required, then discuss on it
08:27:47 <sorantis> +1
08:28:10 <sorantis> Let’s take one step at a time
08:28:34 <joehuang> but we at least have one common idea, to have a standlone service to process the quota controll for multisite cloud
08:29:00 <joehuang> and other resources managemenet which multi-openstack instances are involved
08:29:52 <sorantis> yes. a service for synchronisation of openstack resources
08:31:41 <joehuang> I also have a look at your api definition in http://docs.kingbird.apiary.io/#
08:31:59 <joehuang> qutoa is a "resource" in restful API
08:32:27 <joehuang> so no need to define show_quota/delete_quota/... separately
08:32:50 <sorantis> yes, I agree. I will rewrite the API
08:33:07 <sorantis> this was just a sketch that I put in apiary
08:33:08 <joehuang> one resource ( quota ) but with different operation "get"/"post"/"delete"...
08:33:14 <sorantis> that’s right
08:33:20 <joehuang> OK
08:33:30 <joehuang> so one action for you
08:33:53 <joehuang> #action update the api definition for quota of the Kingbird service
08:33:54 <sorantis> ok
08:35:37 <joehuang> It's a little difficult for me to understand the introduction part in the http://docs.kingbird.apiary.io/#
08:35:44 <sorantis> so
08:36:02 <sorantis> should we use stackforge in github for the code?
08:36:29 <joehuang> stackforge will be removed on Oct.17
08:36:48 <joehuang> and some projects will be moved under OpenStack name space
08:37:02 <joehuang> we'd better to open one new project in OpenStack
08:37:19 <sorantis> directly in under OpenStack ?
08:37:21 <joehuang> but after Oct.17 is a better choice
08:37:25 <joehuang> yes
08:37:26 <sorantis> ok
08:37:30 <sorantis> put an action on me
08:37:42 <sorantis> we’ll slowly roll out Kingbird
08:37:42 <Malla> We can use github OPNFV
08:38:09 <joehuang> #action open new project under OpenStack, start from OPNFV first
08:38:19 <Malla> https://github.com/opnfv
08:38:36 <joehuang> But at last we need to move it to OpenStack for source code development
08:38:43 <sorantis> I agree
08:38:52 <sorantis> we need a launchpad
08:39:00 <sorantis> bug tracker, CI, etc
08:39:07 <joehuang> yes
08:39:23 <Malla> sorantis what about to #link https://github.com/opnfv or OPNFV gerrit
08:40:36 <sorantis> Malla, I think OpenStack infra is a good development environment, and it’s also closer to OpenStack, because esentially we will develop an OpenStack service. OPNFV is not an upstream environment, it’s midstream
08:40:39 <joehuang> Oct.17 is not too late, so may we wait a while
08:41:16 <sorantis> +1
08:42:50 <Malla> I agree, for the time being we can use OPNFV resources to review/test/ the code. Later on if we want, we can change to OpenStack platform.
08:43:08 <joehuang> there two types of requirements on multisite cloud, as what I have seen
08:43:40 <joehuang> one is that fully distributed, all independent OpenStack instances
08:44:07 <joehuang> another type of requirements of multisite cloud is to devide the cloud into several domains
08:44:23 <joehuang> and each domain works independently
08:44:50 <joehuang> but inside domain, multiple OpenStack instances will be integrated into one cloud
08:45:27 <joehuang> that's why I think a standalone service for multiple openstack cloud is needed
08:46:12 <Malla> the requirement for possibility 1 or 2..?
08:46:22 <joehuang> on the other hand, if cloud admin want integrated multisite cloud for one domain, then cascading is another choice
08:46:49 <joehuang> yes, there are two possibility as far as I can see
08:48:07 <joehuang> Now for standalone service Kingbird, we can start from the quota part
08:49:05 <joehuang> there are lots of things need to do to open one project in OpenStack
08:49:35 <Malla> Why don't we can have two possible solutions for this use case, i.e. Cascading and Dimitri proposal.
08:49:50 <joehuang> we can
08:50:47 <joehuang> Candidate solution 1: Kingbird, Candidate solution 2: Cascading, it's up to operator's choice how to use it
08:50:58 <Malla> Agree
08:51:28 <joehuang> or use both service together, inter-domain Kingbird, intra-domain, cascading
08:53:18 <joehuang> For kingbird, we can register a project in Launchpad first, and then repository in OpenStack
08:53:40 <joehuang> and then CI/gerrit
08:54:38 <sorantis> good
08:55:43 <joehuang> Great meeting, it's National holiday here in China, so let's end the meeting a little early
08:55:47 <Malla> sorentis, your proposal is very interesting, let me know once the code available, I like to test it.. :)
08:56:14 <joehuang> yes. I also can write source code
08:56:15 <sorantis> good meeting
08:56:26 <Malla> :)
08:56:37 <sorantis> ok, let’s end here
08:56:46 <sorantis> I’ve got two action points I’ll follow up during the week
08:56:47 <joehuang> I just finish the rest framework for tricircle ( for casacding ), it can be reused in Kingbird
08:57:02 <tallgren> Happy rest of Holiday!
08:57:02 <sorantis> nice
08:57:04 <joehuang> thank you all for attending the meeting
08:57:13 <Malla> nice
08:57:14 <sorantis> Joe, we need to follow up on the JIRA tickets too
08:57:24 <joehuang> yes
08:57:34 <sorantis> let’s take it offline
08:57:38 <joehuang> please review ASAP, thanks
08:57:47 <sorantis> I have :)
08:57:51 <joehuang> #endmeeting