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09:11:17 <zhipeng> #info zhipeng
09:11:28 <joehuang> first, I want to share the progress of the use case 2&3 bp in OpenStack summit
09:11:56 <joehuang> for quiesce.unquiesce, Nova team seems to accept to expose the API
09:12:08 <joehuang> the spec is working in progress
09:12:37 <joehuang> also talk to the cinder core about the disater revovery for using volume replication
09:13:33 <joehuang> and the core think the metadate filed in cinder for customization could be queried first
09:13:59 <joehuang> then to save the ref for disaster recover purpose, may have to work step by step
09:14:18 <joehuang> cross Neutron L2 networking not discussed in the summit yet.
09:14:43 <sorantis> neutron is a mine field :)
09:15:03 <joehuang> Dimitri, would you pls to contact some guys in Neutron for this?
09:16:08 <sorantis> I’ll try to reach them
09:16:09 <joehuang> And for the use case 1&2&3, the deadline has passed, would you mind to give +2 if no more comment for the output
09:16:29 <sorantis> yes, I will review. sorry for delay.
09:17:18 <joehuang> The ticket registered by Chris has been divided into smaller ticket for documentation about user guide and configuration
09:17:49 <joehuang> so we can pick some ticket to work by voluntering
09:18:34 <joehuang> And for Kingbird, we need to have weekly or bi-weekly meeting in OpenStack channel
09:19:31 <joehuang> We need initial core member for review and +2  +1 to merge patch
09:19:47 <joehuang> How do you think about the operation of Kingbird
09:20:13 <sorantis> in what sense?
09:20:45 <zhipeng> shall we operate in stealth mode for a while ?
09:20:46 <joehuang> meeting, core member, code merge approve
09:20:54 <zhipeng> or a full blown operation
09:21:05 <zhipeng> from my side :P
09:21:06 <joehuang> what is strealth mode
09:21:25 <zhipeng> meaning lay low
09:21:27 <zhipeng> quietly
09:21:30 <sorantis> we can always make things more complicated :)
09:21:47 <sorantis> for the time being let’s focus on getting the code in
09:21:53 <sorantis> and make the build pass
09:22:18 <sorantis> I reckon, we lay low, just to grow some meat
09:22:59 <joehuang> Ok, but the code approve needs two core's +2, one +1 for workflow
09:23:13 <zhipeng> so if lay low, then we propably don't need per week meetings
09:23:23 <zhipeng> and joe and you could serve as the core
09:23:24 <joehuang> let's ok
09:23:26 <zhipeng> for +2s
09:23:30 <sorantis> yes, we can just email if necessary
09:23:50 <joehuang> Should it be visible in OpenStack community
09:24:05 <sorantis> you mean the emails?
09:24:22 <sorantis> [openstack-dev][kingbird] ?
09:24:24 <joehuang> That's also a question, do we want this project to be OpenStack official project at last
09:24:46 <sorantis> I guess we’ll find out as we proceed
09:25:02 <sorantis> for now we know that some things are missing in OpenStack
09:25:05 <joehuang> if we want it become official project, we have to make it visisble
09:25:37 <joehuang> We can do it later, as the project has a little solid base
09:25:40 <zhipeng> i don't think we need to do it like official projects right now
09:25:44 <zhipeng> yes
09:25:56 <sorantis> +1
09:26:01 <joehuang> OK
09:26:09 <zhipeng> we could always discuss via opnfv ml
09:26:17 <joehuang> So let's still talk in the OPNFV channel first
09:26:51 <joehuang> And first, Dimitri and I serve for the core reviewer
09:27:03 <zhipeng> that should be fine
09:27:07 <_zhiyuan> ok
09:27:20 <sorantis> I was thinking more or less the same
09:27:36 <joehuang> we need collobration
09:27:54 <joehuang> but no too much politic
09:28:10 <sorantis> work the code :)
09:28:32 <joehuang> What's missing in my idea. Yes, I also like coding, make it work
09:29:48 <sorantis> ok
09:30:07 <sorantis> so why does the build fail?
09:30:22 <joehuang> pep8, doc gate ok
09:30:34 <joehuang> but the python27-gate failed
09:30:54 <_zhiyuan> py27 fails to run, there may be something wrong with the tox config
09:31:02 <joehuang> maybe the requirements conflict with OpenStack. I fixed some
09:31:30 <joehuang> But found other requirement conflict still there
09:32:20 <joehuang> I'll try to fix it tomorrow. I have to leave now. Dimitri, please review and let's close use case 1&2&3 ASAP, then do  upstream work
09:32:55 <sorantis> ok
09:33:09 <joehuang> thanks for your time in the meeting.
09:33:14 <joehuang> #endmeeting