08:05:29 <joehuang> #startmeeting multisite
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08:05:45 <sorantis> #info dimitri
08:05:54 <joehuang> #info joehuang
08:05:57 <SAshish> #info Ashish
08:06:02 <Malla_> #info Malla
08:06:19 <joehuang> #topic documentation
08:06:45 <joehuang> do you know whether there is user guide and configuration guide template
08:07:08 <joehuang> I would like to write the documentation for some use cases from multisite
08:07:32 <Malla_> Officially, there is no template
08:07:52 <sorantis> So I guess we can write in a simple free form document and send it to Chris
08:08:00 <sorantis> He’ll do all the formatting
08:08:05 <Malla_> Other projects are using their own template as I know
08:08:12 <r-mibu> hi,
08:08:14 <joehuang> If so it would be simple to do
08:08:23 <joehuang> hi, midu
08:08:23 <r-mibu> we now have template
08:08:29 <joehuang> sorry, mibu
08:08:45 <r-mibu> #link https://wiki.opnfv.org/documentation/tools
08:09:09 <r-mibu> just fyi :)
08:09:28 <Malla_> thanks mibu.. :-)
08:09:29 <joehuang> great, I searched but not found
08:09:52 <joehuang> thanks a lot mibu :)
08:10:16 <r-mibu> we still have to create policy of documents types, so I'm asking chris to fix it
08:10:42 <r-mibu> after that he or I will send emailto announce it
08:10:44 <joehuang> if you would like to write documentation, please feel free to pick one jira ticket
08:11:07 <joehuang> when will it be planned to be ready?
08:11:29 <r-mibu> not sure...
08:11:40 <r-mibu> but you can create your docs first
08:11:48 <joehuang> good idea
08:12:08 <joehuang> it only two months left for B release
08:12:14 <r-mibu> it is easy to move source dontents to rearrage doc structure
08:12:47 <r-mibu> yes, I faced the same problem in doctor, so I created/updated toolchain
08:13:04 <joehuang> great helpful
08:13:11 <r-mibu> let's work together :)
08:13:17 <joehuang> sure
08:13:25 <joehuang> #topic kingbird
08:14:03 <joehuang> to Ashish
08:14:09 <SAshish> yes.
08:14:33 <joehuang> Zhiyuan said that openstack client does not support all features especially for neutron
08:14:53 <joehuang> Do you have any idea about it
08:14:58 <SAshish> yes.. It is still evolving
08:15:20 <SAshish> and I have seen it growning from recent releases.
08:15:30 <SAshish> growing*
08:15:42 <joehuang> will it affect the feature we want to implement
08:15:49 <joehuang> hi zhiyuan
08:16:11 <joehuang> could you describe why you use keystone client instead
08:16:17 <joehuang> in the endpointcache
08:16:30 <zhiyuan> hi, I went to openstack meeting and found no one
08:16:38 <SAshish> yes. It may as of now, But as a by product of our activity we may also contribute to OSclient
08:16:53 <joehuang> sorry it's in OPNFV channels
08:18:25 <zhiyuan> so we improve OSclient? it lacks support for most of the resources in Neutron,
08:19:03 <SAshish> somewhere I read keystone client will be deprecated and openstackclient will be used instead
08:19:17 <SAshish> same I think will be with other native clients
08:19:17 <joehuang> Is there anyone actively contributing in the Neutron client
08:21:01 <SAshish> I am not sure on that, But have seen the releases happening for OSclient very frequently and its improving.
08:21:04 <joehuang> if there is no one actively contributing in openstack client, and also neutron client, then we may have to use neutron client for a while. It's up to whether it will affect our feature
08:21:06 <zhiyuan> as I know, the http client part of keystone-client is still in use, but shell part is moved to openstack-client.
08:21:39 <joehuang> ok let's move to openstack client first
08:21:49 <zhiyuan> so it's recommended to use openstack client if in terminal
08:22:06 <joehuang> only if some feature is not ready in OpenStack client then will use each service client temaryly
08:22:46 <SAshish> yes.. I agree its very much cohesive to CLI, But we can write python bindings for it.
08:22:52 <sorantis> we should first clarify if using openstackclient the way want to use it is right
08:23:20 <sorantis> to me they way we create its instance doesn’t look very nice. we’re basically emulating CLI
08:23:56 <joehuang> do you want to issue rest api request directly?
08:23:59 <SAshish> yes.. the argparse and all..
08:24:27 <joehuang> if so we can try the python SDK
08:24:53 <SAshish> No, Then there is already native APIs
08:25:01 <SAshish> novaclient, keystoneclient
08:25:22 <sorantis> yes, so the question is will those clients be deprecated
08:25:36 <SAshish> keystone-client will be
08:25:54 <sorantis> event the http binding?
08:26:48 <zhiyuan> I think openstack-client is just a wrapper, for endpoint cache, use keystone-client is fine, since openstack-client is also based on keystone-client. For resource operation, I once considered to use openstack-client but it lacks support on Neutron so I gave up
08:26:51 <SAshish> hmm.. Need to check.
08:27:41 <zhiyuan> so in another project I work on, Tricircle, I write a wrapper myself
08:27:47 <sorantis> not having support for neutron will cause a lot of problems
08:28:18 <sorantis> there were problems with quota part too as far as i remember
08:28:19 <SAshish> as Joe said, we will use native clients as of now
08:28:28 <SAshish> yes.. updating few quota resources
08:28:32 <SAshish> it shows problem
08:29:21 <SAshish> native clients as of now for the features which are not present in openstackclient
08:29:38 <sorantis> ok
08:29:42 <SAshish> for all supported features, we will use OSclient
08:29:49 <joehuang> yes we have to do so
08:29:50 <SAshish> My suggestion
08:30:14 <joehuang> #agree native clients as of now for the features which are not present in openstackclient
08:30:23 <joehuang> #agree for all supported features, we will use OSclient
08:31:24 <joehuang> to Ashish, how about the testing execution if using tox -epy27
08:31:52 <joehuang> the test has been done successfully in CI gate check
08:31:54 <sorantis> there’s the run_tests.sh script
08:32:04 <SAshish> Yes. Joe, Still some problems, I think they code for py34 it is trying to execute with py27. I am getting syntax errors
08:32:22 <sorantis> it runs all units tests and also styling checks
08:32:31 <SAshish> Compiling /root/soni_verify/kingbird/.tox/pep8/build/pylint/pylint/test/functional/abstract_abc_methods.py ...   File "/root/soni_verify/kingbird/.tox/pep8/build/pylint/pylint/test/functional/abstract_abc_methods.py", line 6     class Parent(object, metaclass=abc.ABCMeta):                                   ^ SyntaxError: invalid syntax  Compiling /root/soni_verify/kingbird/.tox/pep8/build/pylint/pylint/test/functional/abstract_
08:32:33 <joehuang> I did not try run_tests.sh
08:33:13 <SAshish> yes.. run_test.sh works fine
08:34:11 <SAshish> with tox I am getting these issues.
08:34:28 <joehuang> gate-kingbird-python27	SUCCESS in 1m 53s  https://review.openstack.org/#/c/250707/
08:34:41 <joehuang> let me see
08:35:08 <SAshish> sure.
08:35:41 <joehuang> you mean the test cases execueted successfully if run_test.sh, but failed "tox -epy27" ?
08:36:23 <SAshish> yes..
08:36:43 <SAshish> kingbird.tests.db.test_quota_db_api.DBAPIQuotaTest.test_update_quota_limit      0.063 kingbird.tests.db.test_quota_db_api.DBAPIQuotaTest.test_create_quota_limit      0.034 kingbird.tests.db.test_quota_db_api.DBAPIQuotaTest.test_delete_quota_limit      0.031 kingbird.tests.db.test_quota_db_api.DBAPIQuotaTest.test_delete_all_quota_limit  0.030 kingbird.tests.functional.api.testroot.TestKeystoneAuth.test_auth_enforced      0.012 k
08:37:07 <SAshish> sorry, It's not visible properly.
08:37:15 <joehuang> got it
08:37:17 <SAshish> try\ running ./run_test.sh
08:37:25 <joehuang> I'll check tomorry
08:38:04 <SAshish> sure..
08:39:08 <joehuang> any other information to share?
08:39:16 <joehuang> or issue to discuss?
08:39:34 <SAshish> The specs for BPs are updated
08:39:38 <SAshish> have you checked those?
08:39:48 <SAshish> for CQM and Generic driver
08:40:03 <sorantis> So, the BPs. How about moving the google docs to kinbirdi openstack wiki?
08:40:06 <joehuang> I'll review it next few days
08:40:14 <joehuang> no problem
08:40:28 <joehuang> to sorantis: no problem
08:40:33 <SAshish> sure. Guys if anybody is facing issues with OSclient. Let me know, I will try to help
08:41:05 <joehuang> to Ashish: thanks update. review later
08:41:16 <sorantis> SAshish, we agreed that osclient need to be changed to service clients
08:41:22 <joehuang> sure
08:41:44 <sorantis> so will you make this change in the existing commit or abandon it?
08:41:53 <joehuang> to soranti: if osclient not support features we require
08:42:19 <SAshish> yes.. See right now authentication with each services is happening properly
08:43:04 <SAshish> If in future we use any feature which is not not supported then we will introduce native client, So I think the current commit need not change
08:43:34 <SAshish> if there are any other comments, then yes can do that.
08:44:00 <joehuang> #action check tox error
08:44:01 <SAshish> Am I making sense?
08:44:06 <joehuang> yes
08:44:10 <SAshish> thanks :)
08:44:21 <sorantis> my only concern is that we do know that osclient has problems with quota, no neutron support and currently endpointcache is using keystone client
08:44:29 <sorantis> so why do we keep it?
08:45:46 <sorantis> as it looks so far the only change will be in the sdk.py
08:45:47 <SAshish> yes. I agree but It will improve and if not now, we have to use it in future.
08:46:24 <sorantis> ok
08:46:45 <sorantis> is everybody ok with that?
08:46:52 <joehuang> ok
08:46:55 <zhiyuan> ok
08:47:53 <joehuang> I don't think it's good idea some one of us to fix the bug of osclient or add new feature in it. we need to focus on kingbird itself
08:48:05 <sorantis> +1
08:48:15 <joehuang> we have very limited resources and time
08:48:41 <sorantis> we can always submit a bug though
08:48:45 <sorantis> or a feature request
08:48:49 <SAshish> +1
08:48:53 <joehuang> agree
08:49:09 <sorantis> basically that’s how collaboration with other projects begins
08:49:18 <joehuang> +1
08:49:41 <zhiyuan> +1
08:49:41 <SAshish> and we work for a collaborated project
08:50:04 <SAshish> project => platform
08:50:18 <joehuang> #info we can always submit a bug though or a feature request, but we need to focus on kingbird itself
08:51:24 <joehuang> let's work offline and conclude today's meeting if no more topic
08:51:31 <sorantis> yes
08:51:34 <SAshish> yes
08:51:39 <joehuang> thanks for your attending
08:51:43 <sorantis> thanks!
08:51:46 <joehuang> #endmeeting