08:08:25 <joehuang_> #startmeeting multisite
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08:08:26 <zhiyuan> #info zhiyuan
08:08:34 <joehuang_> #info joehuang
08:08:36 <sorantis> #info dimitri
08:08:54 <ttallgren> #info Tapio Tallgnre
08:08:59 <joehuang_> hello all guys, a new year starts
08:09:19 <joehuang_> #topic kingbird BP and progress
08:09:59 <joehuang_> Hi, Ashish, could you introduce your bp progress
08:10:43 <SAshish> Yes. I am working on the BP
08:10:43 <SAshish> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/kingbird/+spec/kingbird-openstack-driver
08:11:29 <joehuang_> yes I saw the patch: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/263573/
08:11:38 <joehuang_> and reviewed
08:11:41 <SAshish> yes.. one is under review
08:11:45 <SAshish> pending from others
08:12:24 <joehuang_> could you please add your patches under the BP whiteborad
08:12:29 <joehuang_> and change the BP status
08:12:37 <SAshish> sure..
08:13:22 <SAshish> #action Ashish, add your patches under the BP whiteborad and change the BP status
08:13:43 <joehuang_> like general OpenStack BP's white borad  addressed by: ...., message
08:13:50 <joehuang_> thanks
08:14:00 <SAshish> Can I change the BP status?
08:14:12 <SAshish> Am I authorized to do so?
08:14:17 <joehuang_> sure, you need to change the status
08:14:40 <joehuang_> and I also found that there are other two comapny are contributing in Kingbird
08:15:21 <CNlucius> hi, everyone, I saw that until  Jan/19 (Tuesday),  All documents ready for review. No new content, only corrections after this date, and I want to know what document for onos need to write, thank you
08:15:25 <joehuang_> #link http://stackalytics.com/?project_type=all&module=kingbird
08:15:48 <joehuang_> HP and 99cloud
08:17:25 <SAshish> Joe, Dimitri. I have one question from our openstackdriver
08:17:41 <joehuang_> please
08:18:38 <CNlucius> ???
08:18:52 <SAshish> Currently we are taking admin credentails from context object(get_admin_context),  There is already admin credentails present in config file and it is used by endpoint cache module. Shall we also use that config fro admin creds?
08:19:08 <joehuang_> to CNlucius, sorry, we are in multisite meeting
08:19:12 <SAshish> this is for openstackdriver
08:20:23 <joehuang_> not from context. Because general tenant can also send request to Kingbird. So I think from the configured one would be the right one.
08:21:12 <SAshish> yeah.. fine.. I will modify accordingly.
08:21:31 <SAshish> #action Ashish So I think from the configured one would be the right one
08:21:41 <SAshish> Do you agree Dimitri?
08:21:55 <joehuang_> admin and set/retrieve the quota from/for tenant
08:22:09 <joehuang_> admin can set/retrieve the quota from/for tenant
08:23:02 <SAshish> yes.. with admin creds, it can be done for any tenant
08:23:12 <sorantis> yes, since we allow regular tenants have context, we should read admin creds from the config file
08:24:57 <SAshish> fine. Joe need some favour from your side. Can you verify commits till now at your end. I am also doing that.
08:25:54 <sorantis> yes, doing it right now. got a lot to catch up with after vacation
08:25:54 <joehuang_> you can do that
08:25:56 <SAshish> I mean all the things together.. DB, rest, openstackdriver, endpoint caching etc..
08:26:33 <joehuang_> yes
08:26:53 <joehuang_> so Dimitri, which BP you are working on
08:27:20 <joehuang_> we can work together for some patch
08:28:03 <joehuang_> we can work together for some BP
08:28:47 <zhiyuan> it seems that get_admin_context only returns a context with "is_admin" set to True, but it doesn't include a admin token
08:29:56 <sorantis> joe, currently none. Like I said I just got back, so need some catching up to do
08:30:05 <joehuang_> ok
08:31:35 <joehuang_> as we know, Clint and other guys are also contributing in Kingbird
08:31:51 <joehuang_> one question is whether we make kingbird more publicly
08:32:01 <joehuang_> and more contributors
08:33:46 <SAshish> Just to know. what can make KB more public?
08:33:56 <SAshish> or any opensource project
08:34:12 <joehuang_> we have not announced the project in OpenStack yet
08:34:29 <joehuang_> and other openstack developers don't know this project
08:34:52 <joehuang_> kingbird is visible in opnfv currently
08:35:24 <sorantis> Joe, I think this depends on whether we want to make kingbird compliant with OPNFV or OpenStack release cycle
08:35:25 <joehuang_> also no mail in openstack-dev mail-list
08:35:55 <SAshish> okay..
08:36:30 <joehuang_> Dimitri, your suggestion?
08:37:27 <sorantis> hard to say
08:37:49 <sorantis> OPNFV has some projects too
08:37:55 <sorantis> such as yardstick
08:38:24 <sorantis> they didn’t start as an openstack project
08:38:59 <sorantis> kingbird however did start as an OS project, following a certain structure, so I think it’s logical to keep it to the OS release cycle
08:39:17 <sorantis> the question is will OPNFV be ok with that?
08:39:24 <joehuang_> yardstick is a testing project. But we add some extra functionalities to openstack
08:40:09 <joehuang_> I think OPNFV already takes many projects from openstack, like nova,cinder,neutron
08:41:16 <joehuang_> Ashish, Ttallgren, Zhiyuan, your idea?
08:41:45 <sorantis> we can introduce Kingbird in Austin
08:41:56 <sorantis> but not in a standalone session.
08:42:04 <joehuang_> good idea
08:42:22 <sorantis> I think it would be good to first socialise what Multisite is all about
08:42:35 <sorantis> a general session touching upon the use cases
08:42:38 <joehuang_> how about have some joint talks in Austin for multisite and kingbird
08:42:46 <sorantis> +1
08:43:02 <ttallgren> BTW, Doctor is also an OPNFV project that is doing most work inside OpenStack
08:43:05 <sorantis> I will get back to you on this one in a mail
08:43:22 <joehuang_> good
08:43:32 <SAshish> yeah. agree
08:44:08 <joehuang_> and two options for multisite, kingbird and tricircle, and some other value added features like distaster recovery
08:44:22 <joehuang_> ok
08:44:58 <joehuang_> let's focus on quota part, and to show live demo in Austin for kingbid
08:45:06 <joehuang_> sorry, kingbird
08:46:15 <sorantis> yes, that would be good
08:46:27 <SAshish> yes.. +1
08:46:40 <zhiyuan> +2
08:46:50 <joehuang_> great, then we need to accelerate the bp's progress
08:47:50 <joehuang_> If we can have a live demo in Austin, then in it hopefully could be integrated into OPNFV release C?
08:48:44 <sorantis> perhaps
08:49:15 <joehuang_> If you need me to contribute some patch, please just let me know
08:49:40 <sorantis> ok
08:49:41 <SAshish> sure.
08:50:26 <joehuang_> And Zhiyuan and I also just moved the tricircle to stateless design from scratch, and you can play it with devstack now
08:50:34 <joehuang_> #link https://github.com/openstack/tricircle
08:50:35 <sorantis> if there’s nothing else in the agenda, I’ll have to disconnect soon
08:50:42 <joehuang_> ok
08:51:15 <sorantis> great
08:51:19 <joehuang_> you can have a look and try tricircle if you like.
08:51:42 <sorantis> will do
08:51:50 <joehuang_> so let's have a talk next meeting
08:51:58 <joehuang_> thanks for attending
08:52:24 <joehuang_> any more topics?
08:52:43 <joehuang_> so, see you
08:52:46 <joehuang_> #endmeeting