07:36:53 <joehuang> #startmeeting multisite
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07:37:26 <joehuang> hi, Howard said your guys have already some dicussion
07:37:34 <sorantis> hi
07:37:43 <joehuang> could you please have a short summary about that
07:37:48 <sorantis> Hi
07:37:51 <sorantis> [09:09am] SAshish:
07:37:52 <sorantis> Hello
07:37:54 <sorantis> [09:10am] sorantis:
07:37:55 <sorantis> According to what we agreed last time the Multisite meeting should be now
07:37:57 <sorantis> [09:10am] sorantis:
07:37:58 <sorantis> well, technically 10 min earlier
07:38:00 <sorantis> [09:10am] SAshish:
07:38:01 <sorantis> yes, Here It is 12: 30
07:38:03 <sorantis> [09:10am] arturt joined the chat room.
07:38:04 <sorantis> [09:11am] SAshish:
07:38:06 <joehuang> Hi, Dimitri
07:38:06 <sorantis> So Dimitri, I will make separate commit for remaning testcases
07:38:07 <sorantis> [09:12am] sorantis:
07:38:09 <sorantis> Yup, go ahead
07:38:10 <sorantis> [09:12am] sorantis:
07:38:12 <sorantis> some good news I have
07:38:13 <sorantis> [09:12am] SAshish:
07:38:15 <sorantis> actually to setup local MR, It took time
07:38:16 <sorantis> [09:12am] sorantis:
07:38:18 <sorantis> created a tag here https://launchpad.net/kingbird
07:38:19 <sorantis> [09:12am] SAshish:
07:38:21 <sorantis> now its done, will do testcase
07:38:22 <sorantis> [09:13am] SAshish:
07:38:24 <sorantis> okay
07:38:25 <sorantis> [09:13am] sorantis:
07:38:27 <sorantis> then I’ve finished working on this https://jira.opnfv.org/browse/MULTISITE-28
07:38:28 <sorantis> [09:13am] sorantis:
07:38:30 <sorantis> so now, when you guys get your access to the lab you can see centralized Keystone
07:38:31 <sorantis> [09:13am] SAshish:
07:38:33 <sorantis> yeah. I need to know how to connect
07:38:34 <sorantis> [09:13am] SAshish:
07:38:36 <sorantis> with vpn
07:38:37 <sorantis> [09:15am] sorantis:
07:38:39 <sorantis> You open a ticker in Pharos
07:38:40 <sorantis> [09:15am] sorantis:
07:38:42 <sorantis> https://jira.opnfv.org/browse/PHAROS-127
07:38:43 <sorantis> [09:15am] sorantis:
07:38:45 <sorantis> follow this ticket
07:38:46 <sorantis> [09:15am] SAshish:
07:38:48 <sorantis> okay
07:38:49 <sorantis> [09:15am] SAshish:
07:38:51 <sorantis> Intel POD4 this is our node?
07:38:52 <sorantis> [09:16am] sorantis:
07:38:54 <sorantis> for the time being yes
07:38:55 <sorantis> [09:16am] sorantis:
07:38:57 <sorantis> it’s already configured
07:38:58 <sorantis> [09:17am] sorantis:
07:39:00 <sorantis> are you getting Jira updates related to Multisite?
07:39:01 <sorantis> [09:17am] sorantis:
07:39:03 <sorantis> there are some tickets open
07:39:04 <sorantis> [09:17am] jose_lausuch joined the chat room.
07:39:06 <sorantis> [09:17am] SAshish:
07:39:07 <sorantis> yes
07:39:09 <sorantis> [09:17am] SAshish:
07:39:10 <sorantis> I am getting
07:39:12 <sorantis> [09:17am] sorantis:
07:39:13 <sorantis> I’ve taken tagging for 0.1
07:39:15 <sorantis> [09:17am] sorantis:
07:39:16 <sorantis> and cinder quota management
07:39:18 <sorantis> [09:18am] sorantis:
07:39:19 <sorantis> so once you’ll have the final commit in place we can create a tag
07:39:21 <sorantis> [09:18am] SAshish:
07:39:22 <sorantis> cinder quota management?
07:39:24 <sorantis> [09:19am] sorantis:
07:39:25 <sorantis> yes
07:39:27 <sorantis> [09:19am] sorantis:
07:39:28 <sorantis> quota driver for cinder
07:39:30 <sorantis> [09:19am] SAshish:
07:39:31 <sorantis> okay. so cinder will also be in 0.1?
07:39:33 <sorantis> [09:19am] sorantis:
07:39:34 <sorantis> no
07:39:36 <sorantis> [09:19am] sorantis:
07:39:37 <sorantis> that’s for 0.2
07:39:39 <sorantis> [09:19am] SAshish:
07:39:40 <sorantis> okay
07:39:42 <sorantis> [09:20am] sorantis:
07:39:43 <sorantis> make the final FT commit, and that’s our tag 0.1
07:39:45 <sorantis> [09:20am] sorantis:
07:39:46 <sorantis> but we proceed with development
07:39:48 <sorantis> [09:20am] SAshish:
07:39:49 <sorantis> yeah.
07:39:51 <sorantis> [09:21am] sorantis:
07:39:52 <sorantis> there’s another one
07:39:54 <sorantis> [09:21am] sorantis:
07:39:55 <sorantis> https://jira.opnfv.org/browse/MULTISITE-30
07:39:57 <sorantis> [09:21am] sorantis:
07:39:58 <sorantis> you can take this one
07:40:00 <sorantis> [09:21am] SAshish:
07:40:01 <sorantis> I assigned it
07:40:03 <sorantis> [09:21am] SAshish:
07:40:04 <sorantis> to myself
07:40:06 <sorantis> [09:22am] SAshish:
07:40:07 <sorantis> so, now we track our work in jira?
07:40:09 <sorantis> [09:23am] phrobb_ left the chat room. (Quit: My MacBook Pro has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…)
07:40:10 <sorantis> [09:23am] sorantis:
07:40:12 <sorantis> i’m confused tbh
07:40:13 <sorantis> [09:23am] sorantis:
07:40:15 <sorantis> I think we should add similar items to launchpad
07:40:16 <sorantis> [09:23am] sorantis:
07:40:18 <sorantis> since we have openstack as our main dev env
07:40:19 <sorantis> [09:24am] sorantis:
07:40:21 <sorantis> So for each ticket in Jira describing a new feature in Kingbird we add a blueprint
07:40:22 <sorantis> [09:24am] SAshish:
07:40:24 <sorantis> then for existing blueprint we need to update jira
07:40:25 <sorantis> [09:25am] SAshish:
07:40:27 <sorantis> and I guess these guys do not notice time difference
07:40:28 <sorantis> [09:25am] SAshish:
07:40:30 <sorantis> daylight saving
07:40:31 <sorantis> [09:26am] SAshish:
07:40:33 <sorantis> Joe should have joined till now
07:40:34 <sorantis> [09:26am] sorantis:
07:40:36 <sorantis> anything else to discuss?
07:40:37 <sorantis> [09:27am] SAshish:
07:40:39 <sorantis> Nothing, I have to finish tempest
07:40:40 <sorantis> [09:27am] SAshish:
07:40:42 <sorantis> lot of work there.
07:40:43 <sorantis> [09:27am] sorantis:
07:40:45 <sorantis> ack
07:40:46 <sorantis> [09:27am] SAshish:
07:40:48 <sorantis> will do it
07:40:49 <sorantis> [09:27am] sorantis:
07:41:01 <sorantis> ok. let’s end here
07:41:04 <joehuang> Ok
07:41:04 <sorantis> [09:27am] SAshish:
07:41:06 <sorantis> sure.
07:41:08 <sorantis> I’ve sent our thread
07:41:21 <joehuang> the Jira ticket is just for OPNFV requirements
07:41:44 <joehuang> and we can close the ticket once we finished that item in OpenStack
07:42:27 <joehuang> Add one more todo: CI, we need to add the tempest test in CI job
07:42:35 <joehuang> in Jira
07:42:51 <joehuang> And Huawei shanghai lab assigned two blades for us
07:42:54 <SAshish> UT?
07:43:08 <SAshish> not UTs ?
07:43:20 <joehuang> No, not for UT, but daily function test running tempest
07:43:30 <SAshish> okay
07:43:36 <joehuang> just like daily building
07:44:14 <joehuang> But the VPN credential does not work. once mine work, I'll ask them to allocate account for you guys
07:44:14 <sorantis> as soon as we make a tag
07:44:22 <sorantis> and complete the remaining FTs
07:44:46 <SAshish> yes will complete it ASAP.
07:45:16 <SAshish> excited to see first release
07:45:25 <SAshish> though it is 0.1
07:45:35 <joehuang> yes, but the ocopus( CI) job need testbed to do the function test
07:45:46 <joehuang> so we need environment first
07:46:33 <sorantis> We have the intel LAB
07:46:42 <sorantis> then you said we will have Huawei
07:47:39 <SAshish> intel LAB is configured
07:47:48 <joehuang> I remember that you said Intel LAB will be closed for two weeks
07:47:50 <SAshish> so will configure CI on intel LAB
07:48:23 <sorantis> it’s still up
07:48:28 <sorantis> I’ll double check on that
07:48:43 <SAshish> which two weeks?
07:48:52 <sorantis> but it’s good to have anothe lab
07:49:43 <joehuang> You asked for other labs, I forget where you mentioned
07:51:03 <joehuang> it's ok we have two labs
07:51:26 <sorantis> when can we get access to the Huawei nodes?
07:51:41 <joehuang> waiting for VPN credential
07:51:51 <joehuang> it'll be allocated by the admin
07:52:06 <joehuang> Hope early of next week
07:52:10 <sorantis> should we provide our gpg keys?
07:52:19 <joehuang> no
07:52:41 <joehuang> They gave me one yesterday, but it doesn't work
07:53:10 <joehuang> and please review the plan, it has to be published to the community: https://wiki.opnfv.org/display/multisite/Multisite+Release+C+Planning
07:53:33 <joehuang> compared to the etherpad, only adding the CI(octpus) jira ticket
07:54:08 <sorantis> looks fine
07:54:20 <joehuang> ok. then no other topic
07:54:26 <joehuang> from my side
07:54:55 <sorantis> let’s end
07:54:57 <joehuang> I will register a jira ticket in Pharos to get the access permit
07:55:03 <joehuang> ok
07:55:09 <joehuang> #endmeeting