07:06:19 <joehuang> #startmeeting multisite
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07:07:42 <joehuang> hi, Dimitri?
07:08:34 <sorantis> hi joe
07:08:40 <sorantis> let’s use opnfv-multisite channel
07:08:42 <sorantis> can we?
07:09:38 <joehuang> yes, we can, but in that channel, not sure the meetbot work or not, let me try first
07:12:09 <joehuang> meetbot doesn't work in non-meeting channel
07:13:04 <joehuang> hello
07:13:10 <joehuang> #topic rollcall
07:13:17 <joehuang> #info joehuang
07:13:25 <Malla> #info Malla
07:14:15 <joehuang> can you see me?
07:15:12 <Malla> yes, I can see your message.
07:15:17 <joehuang> ok
07:15:18 <SAshish> Hi
07:15:22 <joehuang> Hi
07:15:42 <sorantis> hi
07:15:45 <joehuang> Most of patches have been merged
07:16:09 <sorantis> joe any news regarding vpn access?
07:16:40 <joehuang> I registered a ticket, Jack not issued me new VPN credential yet
07:17:00 <sorantis> have you been able to explain him your issue?
07:17:01 <joehuang> He processed, but not finished
07:17:20 <joehuang> I tried, but he said it's not in the server side
07:17:21 <joehuang> I
07:17:33 <joehuang> I'll ask Meimei to check that
07:17:51 <joehuang> Meimei is willing to join the team
07:18:22 <joehuang> How about Ashish's connection to the blade?
07:19:04 <SAshish> yes, I have got new vpn credentials. but haven't got time to verify those, was busy doing neutorn and review stuff
07:19:14 <SAshish> have to verify it
07:19:56 <joehuang> Let's figure out what's left in code development in this cycle
07:20:11 <SAshish> regarding the refactoring tempest part
07:20:55 <SAshish> there is minor configuration that needs to be done in setup.cfg part and few restructuring. I am on it. will push today
07:21:14 <SAshish> the configuration in setup.cfg is for entry point
07:21:28 <SAshish> so that it can be discoverred
07:21:35 <SAshish> discovered*
07:21:43 <joehuang> Could you test locally that it can be discovered by tempest?
07:21:56 <SAshish> yes, wanted to ask you if you know
07:22:02 <SAshish> how to discover?
07:22:18 <joehuang> Install tempest first
07:22:29 <SAshish> with the current implementation, and I am able to list kingbird as a plugin
07:22:49 <joehuang> that means it could be discovered
07:23:04 <joehuang> and try if the entry point could be reached
07:23:06 <SAshish> no, the entry point is missing in setup.cfg
07:23:15 <joehuang> need to add
07:23:19 <SAshish> yes
07:23:26 <joehuang> great
07:23:44 <SAshish> will add, restructure the directories as per the recommendations and push today
07:24:00 <SAshish> though there are no rules of directory strucutre
07:24:13 <joehuang> thanks a lot. How many regions in your development environment?
07:24:18 <SAshish> but we will follow the recommended
07:25:09 <SAshish> yesterday I have installed two different OS setups, need to configure MR on them. I used to have two regions setup, but lost it.
07:25:10 <joehuang> structure is like this:
07:25:16 <joehuang> #link http://docs.openstack.org/developer/tempest/plugin.html#plugin-structure
07:25:33 <SAshish> plugin_dir/   config.py   plugin.py   tests/     api/     scenario/   services/     client.py
07:25:35 <SAshish> yes
07:26:13 <SAshish> so our will be in-repo pluging as it is for mistral
07:26:21 <joehuang> good, so most of code will be ready soon
07:26:24 <SAshish> tempest plugin is part of project codebaes
07:26:35 <SAshish> yes
07:26:52 <joehuang> most of project are moving tempest to their own repository
07:27:19 <SAshish> as we are doing in kingbird?
07:27:24 <joehuang> so kingbird tempest will also reside in kb repository
07:27:26 <joehuang> correct
07:27:28 <SAshish> yes
07:27:48 <SAshish> as it is easy, if we implement any feature then in same repo we write FT for it
07:27:54 <joehuang> Neutron/Cinder has moved, may other follows
07:28:17 <joehuang> that's the way it should be, otherwise headache in integration
07:28:53 <SAshish> yes
07:29:04 <joehuang> Have you tested the test cases locally before refactoring
07:29:12 <SAshish> yes
07:29:19 <SAshish> existing work
07:29:19 <joehuang> perfect
07:29:44 <joehuang> after your refactoring finished, we can start Functest integration
07:29:51 <SAshish> I pushed it last time after running it locally on two region  MR
07:30:08 <joehuang> Great job
07:30:12 <SAshish> thanks :)
07:30:51 <joehuang> So I think if it's possible, how about to have Fuel plugin this cycle?
07:31:55 <joehuang> If two regions work, one region should also work
07:32:17 <SAshish> now I am running right now on one
07:32:24 <SAshish> have to configure two
07:32:59 <SAshish> it should run on any MR setup
07:33:34 <SAshish> regardless of number of regions, but it is good to verify it on large number of regions
07:33:48 <SAshish> 4 5
07:34:31 <joehuang> Dimitri/Malla, how do you think about this?
07:35:48 <sorantis> Fuel plugin can wait.
07:36:03 <sorantis> First we need to go with the plan discussed in ML
07:36:03 <joehuang> to next cycle?
07:36:51 <sorantis> It can be started even this cycle. But delivery can be next
07:37:06 <joehuang> agree
07:37:16 <sorantis> After finishin the code the priority is to finish the infra part
07:37:19 <SAshish> Fuel installer for MR OR Fuel installer for KB?
07:37:38 <sorantis> It seems that Fuel guys picked up work and will provide something
07:37:45 <sorantis> not sure if it will be this cycle though
07:37:49 <joehuang> good news
07:38:23 <sorantis> spoke with Releng, they said that worst case we can provide a shell script which creates the required setup, and they can run it as a post-install action
07:38:26 <joehuang> for us, the pre-configured environment is the controllable part
07:38:53 <sorantis> how do you mean?
07:40:17 <joehuang> just like what you mentioned above, A CI job just trigger a task in the pre-configured host to call shell script, even no Functest running
07:40:37 <sorantis> yes, but I didn’t mean running tests like that
07:40:49 <sorantis> My point was related to creating a MR setup
07:41:05 <sorantis> the should still be promoted to Functest I believe
07:41:14 <joehuang> or sorry, not follow you.
07:41:56 <joehuang> you mean shell scripts to do post-configuration for Fuel to setup M-R environment
07:42:23 <sorantis> yes
07:42:31 <sorantis> so Joe, how’s the Functest work going?
07:42:53 <sorantis> any progress on integration?
07:44:46 <joehuang> Not yet, need Tempest refactoring. And I still think if we just use static test bed for functest, no need to run Functest CI job, although functest integration can be done
07:45:41 <sorantis> but the idea was to have everything automated
07:45:46 <sorantis> including the tests
07:46:12 <joehuang> in the pre-configured M-R VM, shell script to do daily update the KB package and tempest package, and run tempest test
07:47:05 <SAshish> will push refactoring today
07:47:16 <joehuang> If we use Functest, it's better to integrate with installer which support dynamic MR environment setup
07:47:52 <sorantis> I don’t see what’s stopping us from using Functest
07:48:38 <joehuang> Functest need to trigger the code refresh in pre-configured MR
07:49:14 <joehuang> and then restart the KB service
07:49:32 <joehuang> if configuration changed in KB, need to re-configure KB
07:50:26 <joehuang> These code should be done by installer, but now without installer help, Functest has to do it remotely
07:50:40 <SAshish> so, you will be configuring Jenkins job for these
07:52:02 <joehuang> Yes, you can start another jekin job in M-R, but this work just temporary work
07:52:33 <sorantis> ok Joe, what can we expect to have in Functest?
07:52:53 <sorantis> it sounds like you want to have everything scripted
07:56:00 <joehuang> before installer integration, shell script to do daily update the KB package and tempest package in M-R, and run tempest test locally with pre-defined configuration for kb, for it's static M-R
07:57:02 <joehuang> Functest integration only can finish that the tempest testcase is running in the Functest container
07:57:21 <joehuang> not change others
07:58:49 <sorantis> I didn’t get the last part
08:00:50 <joehuang> ok. Functest integration just put the tempest test cases inside the Functest container during CI job, and run this test cases from the container, and collect the result into db
08:01:57 <sorantis> so this part is already there?
08:03:30 <joehuang> not there, can integrate kb tempest into it. But for we are using pre-configured M-R, other works in CI may be discarded after installer integration finished
08:06:37 <SAshish> one question guys: pre-configured M-R will be on which blade? the one which was alloted to us?
08:07:32 <joehuang> pod4 IP address with .70 as suffix
08:09:19 <SAshish> so, then we should have funtest with atleast preconfiugred MR soon
08:09:44 <sorantis> we’ve run out of time
08:09:46 <sorantis> I have to leave
08:09:50 <joehuang> We can install tempest and kb their, then just run
08:09:59 <joehuang> ok, let's continue to think about how to construct the functest pipeline after the meeting
08:10:08 <sorantis> bye
08:10:11 <joehuang> thank you for attending the meeting
08:10:15 <SAshish> bye
08:10:16 <joehuang> #endmeeting