07:07:51 <joehuang> #startmeeting multisite
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07:08:09 <joehuang> I tried in OPNFV Functest container
07:08:20 <SAshish> okay,
07:08:20 <joehuang> and install Kingbird with tempest plugin
07:08:34 <joehuang> the plugin could be discovered
07:08:39 <joehuang> including test cases
07:08:41 <SAshish> great
07:08:57 <SAshish> are you able to run that?
07:09:10 <joehuang> I did not run that yet
07:09:23 <SAshish> okay. you are able to list testcases?
07:09:29 <joehuang> yes
07:09:36 <SAshish> cool
07:09:44 <joehuang> a clean Functest container
07:10:01 <SAshish> I will be pushing, remaining tempests soon
07:10:03 <joehuang> congratulation :)
07:10:18 <SAshish> for?
07:10:29 <joehuang> for our project
07:10:46 <SAshish> yeah., congrats to you too
07:10:53 <SAshish> thanks:)
07:10:57 <joehuang> the system test can start to run...
07:11:08 <SAshish> its good feeling
07:11:16 <SAshish> am excited to move forward
07:11:25 <joehuang> yes
07:11:32 <joehuang> hi Dimitri
07:11:37 <SAshish> Hi Dimitri
07:12:31 <joehuang> I'll check to whether the test cases could be executed or not
07:12:39 <joehuang> in Functest container
07:13:06 <SAshish> yeah please
07:13:34 <joehuang> And  I also tried Neutron
07:13:48 <joehuang> Neutron has some its own configuration for tempest plugin
07:14:10 <SAshish> to override existing section values
07:14:15 <joehuang> but unfortunately not found where the configuration items generated
07:14:23 <joehuang> no, it's new configuration item
07:14:32 <SAshish> ohokay
07:14:56 <joehuang> #link https://github.com/openstack/neutron/blob/master/neutron/tests/tempest/config.py
07:15:00 <SAshish> Dimitri you there?
07:15:18 <joehuang> Not sure he is online or not
07:15:43 <SAshish> Am connecting from home, there is holiday here in this state for us
07:15:56 <SAshish> even I cant reach Dimtri
07:16:12 <joehuang> O, sorry, the meeting break the your holiday
07:16:54 <sorantis> hi
07:17:02 <SAshish> never mind:)
07:17:09 <joehuang> hello, Dimitri
07:17:18 <SAshish> Hi Dimitri
07:18:24 <joehuang> #info Kingbird tempest plugin and test cases in OPNFV Functest container could be discovered
07:18:29 <joehuang> this is the information just talked
07:18:48 <joehuang> but not tried the test cases execution yet
07:19:45 <joehuang> Ashish, your comment and other information
07:20:05 <SAshish> I have tempests for other features as well
07:20:08 <SAshish> quota class
07:20:12 <SAshish> neutron driver
07:20:14 <SAshish> cinder driver
07:20:18 <SAshish> will push one by one
07:20:25 <joehuang> Great
07:20:44 <SAshish> as this is now discoverable, let us have integration with what we have till now
07:21:14 <joehuang> The Functest is a little independent
07:22:04 <SAshish> so what is left now?
07:23:04 <joehuang> Functest integration, CI job, target test bed Kingbird container daily update.
07:23:30 <joehuang> Functest integration, CI job, Kingbird container daily update at  target test bed .
07:24:04 <SAshish> okay
07:24:15 <joehuang> and one more is to add the tempest test to OpenStack CI pipeline, can only support one region with DevStack
07:24:35 <sorantis> that should be fine for quota management, but not quota sync
07:25:37 <joehuang> If the test can do for multisite, one region should work too
07:26:01 <sorantis> we will never know if the quota limits got rebalanced
07:26:51 <joehuang> make sense
07:26:53 <SAshish> yeah, we need to have atleast two region setuo
07:27:30 <joehuang> Is it possible to have multi-region in OpenStack nodepool?
07:27:41 <sorantis> what do you mean?
07:28:23 <joehuang> https://github.com/openstack-infra/nodepool
07:29:04 <joehuang> Last time Margaret asked me whether it's possible for OpenStack to have multi-region environment in CI
07:29:25 <sorantis> the problem is that OPNFV is not using devstack
07:29:39 <sorantis> it’s either Fuel or some other installers
07:30:20 <joehuang> Ok, forget it now, we can discuss it in OPNFV design summit
07:31:16 <joehuang> And Dimitri, would you mind to help this "Kingbird container daily update at  target test bed", Meimei and I are still not possible to access the lab in Intel
07:31:46 <sorantis> the Intel lab is beng reinstalled
07:31:57 <joehuang> :(
07:32:02 <sorantis> I will first need to reinstall a multi-region configuration in there
07:32:03 <joehuang> even VPN service
07:32:10 <joehuang> ok
07:32:25 <sorantis> according to Jack the vpn configs remain the same
07:32:34 <joehuang> :(
07:33:18 <joehuang> unfortunately we are working here, often network access is a problem, some site even never be accessible
07:33:58 <joehuang> OK. So Meimei and I will work on Functest integration, CI job
07:34:04 <sorantis> Kingbird container daily update at  target test bed
07:34:13 <sorantis> what’s required by this?
07:34:32 <joehuang> one momemt
07:36:29 <joehuang> in last meeting: 07:55:57 <sorantis> but I would rather install kingbird in a docker container
07:36:46 <joehuang> 07:58:12 <sorantis> this way we can also have kingbird contenerized
07:37:05 <sorantis> what about the tests?
07:37:39 <joehuang> CI job will trigger the test in Functest container to test Kingbird
07:38:15 <joehuang> Kingbird is test target
07:38:54 <sorantis> this may take time.
07:39:27 <joehuang> if we just test for example 0.2.0 kingbird, then no need to do daily update
07:40:13 <joehuang> if we want to make the CI/Functest running for every new patch merged, then code update is needed
07:40:33 <sorantis> so why not having it on master
07:41:06 <joehuang> but for OPNFV is not convenient to be triggered by OpenStack CI pipeline if new patch merged
07:41:29 <joehuang> what you mean master?
07:41:33 <sorantis> too bad
07:41:43 <sorantis> i mean clone kingbird master
07:41:50 <SAshish> it will be master itself
07:41:55 <SAshish> I guess
07:42:04 <sorantis> and start docker container at each ci trigger
07:42:14 <joehuang> that's the idea for daily update: git clone the master once per day
07:42:33 <sorantis> why one per day?
07:42:51 <sorantis> git clone master every time container is built
07:43:08 <joehuang> when the container will be built?
07:43:15 <sorantis> when CI triggers it
07:43:23 <joehuang> when CI needs to run
07:43:39 <joehuang> daily job or triggered by patch?
07:44:22 <sorantis> since we don’t have a patch based update it must be a daily job
07:44:34 <joehuang> same idea now
07:44:55 <joehuang> ether to daily build a container or directly git clone from master branch
07:45:33 <joehuang> Do we need to have a container?
07:45:48 <sorantis> no
07:47:06 <joehuang> so the simplest way is to daily git clone Kingbird from master branch, and then restart the Kingbird service
07:47:30 <joehuang> and CI job run the Functest to test the target every day.
07:48:06 <joehuang> These two parts can work seperately, for example, KB daily update at 2:00AM, CI job at 3:00AM
07:49:21 <sorantis> when you say daily Kingbird clone, you mean container based deployment?
07:49:55 <joehuang> If you like, but from my side, even no container, it's also works
07:50:13 <joehuang> In last meeting, you suggest to have containerized Kingbird
07:52:23 <joehuang> How about your idea?
07:54:02 <sorantis> I can try making a container for Kingbird, but then it’s out of my hands how it gets integrated in OPNFV CI
07:54:24 <joehuang> It's not urgent, we can do it later
07:55:03 <joehuang> So let's first just use no container way to update Kingbird
07:55:26 <sorantis> with no container way we will soon have no lab to test
07:55:38 <sorantis> at least with containers we can always launch them anytime
07:56:10 <joehuang> ok, go ahead at your convenient time
07:56:43 <sorantis> let’s wrap up here
07:57:00 <sorantis> I’ve got another meeting occurence right after this one every thursday
07:57:06 <joehuang> ok, thanks for attending the meeting
07:57:11 <joehuang> understand
07:57:15 <joehuang> #endmeeting