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07:04:32 <joehuang> #info the functest container with kingbird temepest plugin can test the kingbird in Shanghai lab with one region installed
07:04:49 <joehuang> but some test cases failed
07:05:03 <sorantis> #info kingbird container installation in progress
07:05:03 <SAshish> yes, Did Meimei join?
07:05:21 <SAshish> I asked her for access
07:05:28 <sorantis> # default quota class in place
07:05:31 <SAshish> I will look into that
07:05:38 <sorantis> #info default quota class in place
07:05:38 <joehuang> and there are some resources like flavor, VMs, network are still there after the test failed
07:05:52 <sorantis> #info Jack finished Intel lab upgrade. Installation is ongoing
07:05:59 <joehuang> It's public holiday from today to tomorrow
07:06:01 <sorantis> Starting from next week we can run test there
07:06:19 <joehuang> Meimei will not process your request I guess
07:06:27 <SAshish> ohh
07:06:30 <joehuang> ok
07:06:54 <SAshish> okay, I will look into "there are some resources like flavor, VMs, network are still there after the test failed"
07:06:56 <SAshish> today
07:07:28 <joehuang> One more region can be added to Shanghai lab next week
07:08:03 <joehuang> I fixed some bugs in the code, but not update the patch yet
07:09:03 <joehuang> Good
07:09:05 <SAshish> okay. please update that
07:09:27 <SAshish> bugs for??
07:09:34 <joehuang> I create an image of the container of FUNCTEST
07:10:00 <SAshish> bugs in tempest OR somewhere else?
07:10:17 <joehuang> load the kingbird tempest plugin specific configuration in tempest
07:10:36 <joehuang> It can be loaded now
07:10:48 <SAshish> okay, then is there any file kingbird.conf now?
07:10:54 <SAshish> for tempest
07:11:06 <joehuang> I changed the sync time to 20 seconds, and the printed value showed its loaded
07:11:06 <SAshish> or some conf file
07:11:22 <joehuang> not generated in the sample file
07:11:35 <SAshish> where have you changed the values?
07:11:40 <SAshish> which file
07:11:54 <joehuang> but if you add [kingbird] section and configuration items in the tempest.conf, then it'll be loaded together
07:12:20 <SAshish> yes, but that is not we should do it I feel
07:12:25 <joehuang> You can check that after I commit the patch
07:12:47 <SAshish> okay
07:13:13 <SAshish> we were doing it like this earlier. add [kingbird] section and configuration items in the tempest.conf
07:13:43 <SAshish> but there has to be separate config.py file for the plugin
07:14:01 <SAshish> you modified tempest/config.py and did?
07:14:07 <joehuang> It's very strange not generated in the sample file, will send a mail next week to tempest team
07:15:23 <joehuang> no, kingbird has its own config.py
07:15:49 <SAshish> okay, then where have you changed the value to 20?
07:15:53 <SAshish> which file
07:17:45 <joehuang> link broken?
07:17:56 <SAshish> I am there
07:18:19 <joehuang> in /etc/tempest/tempest.conf which was cp from generated file tempest.conf.sample
07:18:57 <SAshish> oh. so the kingbird section is generated in tempest.conf?
07:19:28 <SAshish> using config.py of kingbird plugin
07:20:07 <joehuang> not generated(it should be), just added manually, so need to consult tempest why
07:20:32 <SAshish> yeah. faced the same.
07:21:03 <SAshish> so, Can you help me in getting access to lab as Meimei is not available?
07:21:29 <joehuang> but if you add the items in the tempest.conf, it can be loaded
07:21:49 <SAshish> for that we need to change tempest/config.py file
07:22:14 <joehuang> The VPN access file is area restrict, not possible for to access the lab
07:22:30 <SAshish> okay
07:23:02 <sorantis> we can try on intel lab
07:23:15 <sorantis> it’s being installed
07:23:25 <joehuang> yes, just move the container to intel lab
07:23:25 <SAshish> Dimitri, Yesterday I was trying pip install kingbird locally
07:23:36 <joehuang> the size of the container is 1.3 GB
07:23:41 <SAshish> do we need to upgrade the kb package there?
07:23:55 <SAshish> I mean, it installs older version of kb
07:23:58 <sorantis> there’s no new tag
07:24:05 <SAshish> yeah
07:24:25 <sorantis> since we want to check master every time, it’s best if we git clone
07:24:29 <joehuang> you need to use git clone, then pip install -e kingbird, this way you can get the latest code installed
07:25:07 <SAshish> I was trying pip install kingbird
07:25:27 <SAshish> basically, I wanted to try all ways of installing kb
07:25:30 <joehuang> only install 0.1.0
07:25:34 <joehuang> too old
07:25:37 <SAshish> yeah
07:25:56 <sorantis> git clone
07:26:07 <sorantis> cd kingbird
07:26:09 <sorantis> pip install -r requirements.txt
07:26:09 <sorantis> pip install .
07:26:31 <SAshish> git -e genconfig
07:26:34 <SAshish> sorry
07:26:36 <sorantis> oslo-config-generator \
07:26:36 <sorantis> --config-file /opt/stack/kingbird/tools/config-generator.conf \
07:26:37 <sorantis> --output-file /home/kingbird/kingbird.conf
07:26:43 <SAshish> tox -egenconfig
07:26:52 <sorantis> no need
07:27:02 <sorantis> I can send you my dockerfile offline
07:27:22 <joehuang> great
07:27:32 <SAshish> okay, so the steps are automated
07:28:03 <sorantis> more or less
07:28:21 <sorantis> I’m still trying to figure out how to add keystone information to the .conf
07:28:41 <SAshish> as in?
07:28:51 <SAshish> endpoint details
07:28:53 <SAshish> ?
07:28:56 <sorantis> correct
07:29:14 <joehuang> I remmber use init set
07:29:16 <SAshish> sed?
07:29:38 <sorantis> :) not that. how to pass parameters to dockerfile
07:29:51 <SAshish> oh I see
07:30:08 <sorantis> or rather to a bash script that gets triggered from docker
07:30:38 <sorantis> maybe i’ll just create a local.conf file where this information will be hardcoded
07:30:47 <sorantis> but then, where would this file be stored
07:31:37 <joehuang> this way: RUN crudini --set /etc/keystone/keystone.conf token provider keystone.token.providers.uuid.Provider
07:32:00 <joehuang> crudini --set /etc/keystone/keystone.conf cache enabled true
07:32:21 <joehuang> crudini is to set the configuration file in .conf
07:33:30 <sorantis> can you explain me this RUN crudini --set /etc/keystone/keystone.conf token provider keystone.token.providers.uuid.Provider
07:34:02 <sorantis> I have a different issue
07:34:11 <joehuang> ok
07:34:13 <sorantis> Like Ashish said, sed will do just fine
07:36:06 <joehuang> So after Intel lab is ready, to have Functest container in Intel lab too
07:36:54 <sorantis> where’s this container?
07:37:00 <joehuang> And Dimitri and Ashish, the slides preparation for OPNFV summit, how do you think about it?
07:37:17 <joehuang> can be in jump host, or in the same blade
07:37:55 <sorantis> Joe, I’m assuming that the Tricircle activities are happening in parallel, and not officially related to OPNFV Multisite
07:38:24 <joehuang> Tricircle activities are running in OpenStack
07:38:25 <sorantis> we haven’t been discussing anything about it. however Tricircle is always in the OPNFV presentations
07:38:54 <sorantis> Then it should be stated what use cases tricircle tries to solve
07:38:55 <joehuang> but it's one of the candidate solution as we agreed and discussed
07:39:08 <joehuang> If you would like to discuss here, it's also ok
07:39:57 <joehuang> We have a co-presentation in OpenStack Austin summit to talk about this
07:40:58 <sorantis> Yes, I remember that :)
07:41:15 <joehuang> :)
07:41:22 <sorantis> we also had Tacker, if you remember, but it has nothing to do with OPNFV multisite, yet
07:41:36 <joehuang> different scenario
07:42:14 <joehuang> ok, nova is also not developed in OPNFV, but almost all of us in OPNFV talk about Nova
07:42:35 <sorantis> ok, whatever. I’ll stick to Kingbird. You can focus on the remaining parts
07:42:44 <joehuang> ok
07:42:57 <sorantis> I think giving some background would be good
07:43:02 <joehuang> and IPv6 team discuss about Tricircle in Austin meetup
07:43:08 <joehuang> sure
07:43:13 <sorantis> so we can reuse some slides from the previous presentation
07:43:29 <joehuang> together with multisite
07:43:37 <joehuang> I think so
07:44:16 <sorantis> I’d also change the title
07:44:35 <joehuang> I'll have a look at it
07:44:58 <joehuang> only 20 minutes for each project
07:45:03 <sorantis> do you know what river name they want to use for D release?
07:45:08 <joehuang> only 20 minutes for each project
07:45:16 <joehuang> no idea
07:45:54 <joehuang> And we also need to prepare configuration guide / user guide for kingbird
07:46:14 <joehuang> after the integration is almost done
07:46:43 <joehuang> hopefully finished before Jul.15 according to the plan
07:47:00 <SAshish> http://docs.openstack.org/developer/kingbird
07:47:11 <SAshish> can to edit this?
07:47:31 <SAshish> how to create those
07:47:40 <sorantis> how about this
07:47:41 <sorantis> Multisite: A Colorado Swim
07:47:47 <joehuang> not here, because kingbird is not OpenStack official project
07:48:20 <joehuang> to Dimitri: no problem, you always propose better title :)
07:48:46 <sorantis> we can mention plans for D-release in the talks itself
07:49:23 <SAshish> okayu
07:49:29 <joehuang> sure, and we can have one discussion in Jun 21(Tuesday)
07:49:45 <sorantis> I’ll update the presentation with Kingbird content
07:49:53 <joehuang> cool
07:50:08 <SAshish> tho, where we have to put the documentation?
07:50:17 <SAshish> tho => so
07:50:26 <sorantis> for now I suggest to follow the openstack structure
07:50:38 <joehuang> https://github.com/openstack/kingbird/tree/master/doc/source
07:50:39 <SAshish> inside readme ?
07:51:02 <sorantis> joe +1
07:51:15 <joehuang> after we finish it, copy to OPNFV repository for publish
07:52:38 <SAshish> yes, we will update here
07:52:58 <joehuang> IPv6 invited Multisite to join their design summit discussion, we can attend as needed
07:54:16 <joehuang> other topics?
07:54:32 <sorantis> none. let’s get to work
07:54:33 <SAshish> no from my side, I will look into tempest issue
07:54:50 <joehuang> ok, thank you very much
07:54:54 <sorantis> thanks
07:54:55 <sorantis> bye
07:54:57 <SAshish> thanks
07:54:59 <joehuang> let's conclude the meeting
07:55:04 <joehuang> by
07:55:05 <joehuang> bye
07:55:08 <joehuang> #endmeeting