07:07:39 <joehuang> #startmeeting multisite
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07:07:47 <sorantis> we’ve encountered an issue with rpc messaging
07:07:58 <joehuang> please
07:08:21 <sorantis> When it’s resolved we should be able to test all API calls.
07:08:39 <SAshish> It says, endpoint does not have rpc method. Will be resolving it
07:09:05 <SAshish> It is resolved and needs restructing. Doing that
07:09:12 <joehuang> ok
07:09:26 <SAshish> Joe: have you able to run CURL commands?
07:09:31 <joehuang> so the test cases in Shanghai lab may be also because of this?
07:09:49 <joehuang> test cases failed
07:09:52 <SAshish> I guess not because of that
07:10:07 <joehuang> not ablt to run that, we just moved office this week
07:10:10 <SAshish> as for the APIs which involves only kb-api also has failed
07:10:23 <SAshish> in shanghai lab
07:10:28 <SAshish> so this is not because of RPC issue
07:10:35 <joehuang> ok
07:10:47 <sorantis> When is the release?
07:11:06 <SAshish> code freeze?
07:11:09 <joehuang> when your summer vacation begins?
07:11:27 <joehuang> Aug 15
07:11:38 <SAshish> release or code freeze???
07:11:46 <joehuang> Code freeze
07:12:05 <SAshish> okay.
07:12:09 <SAshish> release will be?
07:12:11 <joehuang> test cases freeze is Jul.15 according to the release manager's plan
07:12:18 <sorantis> I need you to review the installation script
07:12:24 <SAshish> yeah.
07:12:35 <joehuang> Release 1 is about middle of Sept
07:12:43 <joehuang> I reviewed the scripts
07:12:47 <joehuang> and gave +2
07:12:48 <sorantis> our work in OPNFV anyway is related to CI/Functest
07:13:00 <joehuang> and Documentation
07:13:04 <SAshish> actually, wanted to verify the installation script
07:13:27 <joehuang> #info remain work Functest/CI/Documentation
07:14:00 <SAshish> Dimitri, you remember? glanceclient inside nova has been hamperred after installation
07:14:17 <SAshish> not sure if it is due to installation script or what
07:14:27 <SAshish> nova image-list was not working
07:14:31 <sorantis> yes
07:14:40 <joehuang> you are useing V1 or V2 glance api?
07:15:44 <sorantis> v1
07:15:55 <sorantis> which should be used
07:16:08 <sorantis> but kb dependencies upgraded the packages
07:16:18 <sorantis> and nova stopped communicating with glance
07:17:11 <joehuang> strange
07:17:23 <sorantis> I guess we can expect that, since we’re testing against liberty
07:17:38 <joehuang> Mitaka
07:17:48 <joehuang> not Liberty
07:18:03 <sorantis> no, the OpenSTack that’s running in Intel is Liberty
07:18:05 <joehuang> You mean fuel installed Liberty?
07:18:05 <SAshish> shanghai lab based on which MOS ?
07:18:06 <sorantis> MOS 8.0
07:18:16 <sorantis> they don’t run MOS
07:18:23 <SAshish> then?
07:18:30 <sorantis> i guess vanilla
07:18:43 <SAshish> okay
07:18:52 <joehuang> Compass installed vanilla openstac
07:19:24 <SAshish> then the kb installer needs to take care few things
07:19:35 <SAshish> like for MOS, enable quotadbdriver
07:19:41 <joehuang> hello
07:20:30 <SAshish> or it can be documented for now
07:20:47 <SAshish> If MOS then, enable quota management for nova
07:21:23 <joehuang> MOS will upgrade OpenStack to Mitaka in Colorado release, isn't it
07:21:37 <sorantis> they’ve already upgraded
07:21:45 <sorantis> OPNFV is currently integrating it
07:22:00 <sorantis> there are some issue, but they should be ready soon
07:22:33 <SAshish> Guys
07:22:57 <joehuang> So the upgrade in the lab is needed when new Mitaka version is ready
07:23:12 <sorantis> yes, I’ll ask Releng to do it
07:23:16 <sorantis> but not for now
07:23:20 <joehuang> +1
07:23:27 <sorantis> we should first finalize our installation and testing
07:23:59 <joehuang> Ashish, can you logon to Shanghai lab now? Meimei sends you new package
07:24:20 <SAshish> no, again I am getting same error
07:24:44 <joehuang> :(
07:24:52 <sorantis> let’s work with what we have
07:25:10 <sorantis> anyway we should make it work on the OPNFV based deployment
07:25:42 <joehuang> this time four files sent to you
07:25:44 <sorantis> Joe, I believe you will handle the documentation
07:26:07 <joehuang> I am afraid too busy to write the document
07:26:22 <joehuang> when your summer vacation begins?
07:26:36 <sorantis> july
07:26:49 <SAshish> also, once this the issue with RPC is set. I need help on configuring functest
07:26:49 <joehuang> middle or end of july
07:27:01 <sorantis> middle
07:27:24 <joehuang> Ashish, I can help you on tempest configuration
07:28:09 <SAshish> thanks. Do you have access to intel labs now?
07:28:24 <joehuang> No, I talked to Jack in OPNFV summit
07:28:29 <SAshish> will configure on this
07:28:30 <joehuang> but he can't help more
07:28:52 <SAshish> oh. sad
07:29:01 <joehuang> he can do nothing for this kind of VPN issue
07:29:33 <joehuang> Asked him whether there are other way to access, no other way
07:29:54 <SAshish> testcase freeze means ???
07:30:01 <SAshish> I mean the entire code?
07:30:27 <joehuang> Functest integration finished? I am contact release manager for the exact meaning
07:30:47 <SAshish> okay
07:31:03 <joehuang> But code freeze if on Aug, of course including bug fix
07:31:25 <SAshish> so we have to be ready with functest integration before 15th July?
07:31:30 <joehuang> Dimitri, When will you come back from summer vocation
07:31:55 <joehuang> I discussed with Meimei about that
07:32:14 <joehuang> Try to finish it before July 15
07:32:28 <SAshish> yes
07:34:16 <joehuang> But currently, the first is to pass all test cases you wrote manually in lab
07:34:36 <SAshish> yeah, once this RPC is in place it should
07:34:50 <SAshish> right now testcases involving only kb-api are passing
07:34:59 <joehuang> good news
07:35:01 <SAshish> I am on it
07:35:10 <sorantis> Ashish, to avoid version clash i can try to create a virtualenv for kb
07:35:27 <joehuang> why not use container?
07:35:29 <sorantis> this way nothing will be overwritten
07:35:44 <sorantis> because we want to deploy kingbird in the controller
07:35:44 <SAshish> from that virtualenv can you access authurl?
07:36:04 <sorantis> yes
07:36:14 <joehuang> container is not good idea, sorry
07:36:19 <SAshish> okay
07:36:21 <sorantis> i think it should be possible
07:36:22 <joehuang> you have to register endpoint
07:36:26 <sorantis> I’ll try it today
07:36:28 <SAshish> once question
07:36:31 <sorantis> yes, joe
07:36:37 <SAshish> why container is not good idea, sorry??
07:36:56 <joehuang> you have to register endpoint
07:37:17 <joehuang> and container's ip is changing each time you create a new one
07:37:38 <SAshish> virtualenv will have IP?
07:37:50 <sorantis> it’s the same node
07:37:55 <joehuang> virtualenv should use local host ip
07:38:08 <sorantis> the only difference is that it’ll source python packages from a different env
07:38:16 <joehuang> +1
07:38:20 <SAshish> okay. just the packages
07:38:22 <SAshish> nice
07:39:31 <diga> SAshish: its just a seperate env created for you so that you can install everything on it & code. It doesn;t harm your base OS
07:39:50 <SAshish> Hi Digambar
07:40:04 <joehuang> Hi, Diga
07:40:22 <diga> SAshish: joehuang : Hello guys
07:40:37 <sorantis> hi
07:40:42 <SAshish> Guys, Please welcome Digambar. He is interested in KB
07:40:53 <joehuang> Great
07:40:55 <SAshish> and worked on magnum
07:41:08 <diga> thanks SAshish for introduction
07:41:10 <SAshish> Digamber, you can introduce yourself
07:41:12 <sorantis> welcome
07:41:21 <SAshish> your work and all
07:41:33 <joehuang> Welcome Digambar
07:41:43 <diga> Currently I am contributing to nova-scheduler & container networking
07:41:53 <joehuang> Cool
07:41:59 <diga> thank you all
07:43:09 <diga> I am eager to start on OPNFV but for this, I need to get involved somewhere & contribute
07:43:16 <joehuang> Dimitri's installation script is gift for you, Diga
07:43:19 <joehuang> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/330473/
07:43:32 <diga> joehuang: okay
07:44:23 <diga> joehuang: but can i install it using devstack ?
07:44:37 <joehuang> but the script with fixed IP, you may update it using environment variables
07:44:41 <diga> I have only 8G machine with me
07:44:48 <joehuang> of course you can use devstack
07:44:57 <diga> okay, great
07:44:58 <joehuang> I often play through devstack
07:44:59 <sorantis> https://github.com/openstack/kingbird
07:45:16 <sorantis> you can also clone from github and get familiar with the code
07:45:25 <diga> sorantis: sure
07:45:50 <joehuang> you can try both installation and playing
07:46:24 <diga> Yep, I will try both
07:46:50 <SAshish> https://wiki.opnfv.org/display/multisite/
07:46:52 <joehuang> It would be good for diga to play and have summary of using, convert the summary to the configuration guide and user guide
07:47:12 <joehuang> what about your idea?
07:47:28 <joehuang> if Diga can play it, the summary would work for others too
07:47:58 <joehuang> we can help Diga as much as possible
07:48:17 <SAshish> yeah
07:48:32 <diga> joehuang: yes
07:49:07 <diga> sure, I will come up with issues for sure :)
07:49:38 <sorantis> I’m trying with a separate environment now
07:49:40 <joehuang> you can send your questions and issues in OPNFV mail-list with [multisite] in the subject
07:49:51 <diga> joehuang: I contributed lot of code to magnum,
07:50:10 <joehuang> greate, code contribution also great
07:50:14 <diga> so if you think something on that side, let me know
07:50:20 <diga> container stuff
07:50:26 <joehuang> will
07:51:36 <joehuang> do you have any special topic you are interested in contribution
07:51:55 <diga> I will go through KB docs & come with some
07:52:14 <diga> I need to check what you offer & working
07:53:08 <joehuang> good idea
07:53:17 <diga> joehuang: SAshish : I have another planned meeting at 2:30 PM
07:53:25 <diga> will connect with you later on
07:53:27 <SAshish> Dimitri: will this be a new commit? or patch for the existing"?
07:53:30 <joehuang> understand, see you later
07:53:32 <SAshish> yeah sure Dig.
07:53:33 <diga> thanks for welcoming
07:53:51 <joehuang> always welcome
07:53:54 <joehuang> :)
07:55:06 <sorantis> I need to testit first, then it’ll be a new patch
07:55:22 <joehuang> NetReady have some use cases overlapping with what we discussed last year
07:55:44 <joehuang> for example VNF high availability across OpenStack
07:56:11 <sorantis> have to go
07:56:15 <joehuang> we can discuss with them about this
07:56:25 <joehuang> ok, so go on
07:56:41 <joehuang> let's communicate in M-L as needed
07:56:50 <SAshish> yes
07:56:51 <joehuang> other topic
07:57:05 <joehuang> thanks for attending
07:57:08 <SAshish> nothing from my sid
07:57:10 <SAshish> side*
07:57:15 <joehuang> #endmeeting