07:07:25 <joehuang1> #startmeeting multisite
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07:07:51 <sorantis> #info dimitri
07:07:56 <SAshish> #info Ashish
07:07:56 <joehuang1> #info joehuang
07:08:08 <joehuang1> #topic resource sync
07:08:11 <sorantis> before we move to the topics
07:08:23 <sorantis> I’ve created a stable branch for kb
07:08:29 <sorantis> today i will make a relesae
07:08:45 <joehuang1> good, thank you dimitri
07:08:46 <sorantis> since our code for quota management is stable, i think it’s fine to do so
07:08:53 <joehuang1> yes
07:09:01 <SAshish> yeah
07:09:13 <joehuang1> how about to have the release in parallel with OpenStack Newton?
07:09:24 <joehuang1> we can have stable branch now
07:09:33 <SAshish> we do we have anything planned for colorado 2.0?
07:09:40 <SAshish> or 3.0
07:09:49 <sorantis> you mean for multisite?
07:09:50 <joehuang1> Newton release is not published yet
07:10:13 <joehuang1> from my point of view, no new for colorado 2.0/3.0
07:10:31 <joehuang1> do you want to add something to colorado2.0/3.0?
07:10:49 <SAshish> its too short time, we cannot
07:11:07 <joehuang1> for kingbird, keep the release date aligned with openstack Newton release date
07:11:52 <SAshish> may we if we want we can improve the documentation inside each module for 2.0/3.0
07:11:53 <joehuang1> Multisite branch and release tag already done
07:12:31 <SAshish> just the readme files inside drivers/api/common/engine
07:12:33 <joehuang1> sure if we have update in multisite documentation, we can have later release 2.0/3,0
07:13:06 <joehuang1> the files you mentioned is in Kingbird repo.
07:13:15 <joehuang1> it's released with KB
07:14:09 <SAshish> oh, yeah. so tagging for colorado 1.0 is based on which commit/date?
07:14:53 <joehuang1> tagging in colorado release is for multi-site repo, it contains some documentation
07:15:45 <joehuang1> https://git.opnfv.org/cgit/multisite/log/?h=stable/colorado
07:15:47 <SAshish> documentation +  install script
07:15:56 <joehuang1> yes
07:16:56 <joehuang1> o, BTW, we'll have one week holiday here in China next week, so next weekly meeting will be cancelled
07:17:32 <SAshish> holiday for?
07:17:47 <joehuang1> National day
07:18:18 <SAshish> nice
07:18:24 <joehuang1> Thank you
07:18:37 <sorantis> +1
07:19:21 <joehuang1> to Dimitri, how do you think about the release date? It's little weird that kb release before Nova/Cinder has Newton release
07:19:45 <sorantis> I’ll make it so the release date matches
07:19:57 <sorantis> I’m just making all preparations for it
07:19:57 <joehuang1> great
07:20:07 <sorantis> oh, btw
07:20:07 <joehuang1> good
07:20:09 <sorantis> https://build.opnfv.org/ci/view/multisite/job/multisite-kingbird-daily-master/
07:20:26 <sorantis> blue builds finally
07:21:05 <SAshish> yeah. finally
07:21:09 <joehuang1> thank you very much to remove the health check
07:21:16 <joehuang1> cheer!
07:21:55 <SAshish> there is serious issue with ovs on that lab
07:22:07 <joehuang1> #info kb and openstack release date matches
07:22:21 <joehuang1> #info next weekly meeting will be cancelled
07:22:22 <jose_lausuch> sorry for hijacking this meeting
07:22:26 <jose_lausuch> talking about blue builds
07:22:29 <jose_lausuch> https://build.opnfv.org/ci/view/multisite/job/functest-fuel-virtual-suite-master/lastBuild/console
07:22:48 <jose_lausuch> I see the same error in multisite test case as we had for healthcheck
07:22:55 <jose_lausuch> but I don't know why it returns blue :)
07:23:11 <jose_lausuch> openstack_utils - ERROR - Error [create_tenant(keystone_client, 'tempest', 'Tenant for Tempest test suite')]: Conflict occurred attempting to store project - it is not permitted to have two projects within a domain with the same name : tempest (HTTP 409)
07:24:11 <sorantis> this we can manually clean up
07:24:32 <sorantis> the problem is that auto clean-up somehow doesn’t trigger every time
07:24:39 <joehuang1> duplicated entry
07:24:46 <sorantis> so we are stuck with such resources
07:24:51 <jose_lausuch> ah ok
07:25:00 <jose_lausuch> let me know if you need any help with this
07:25:12 <joehuang1> will do. Thank you jose
07:25:18 <sorantis> I’ll try to remove the tenant now
07:25:20 <jose_lausuch> thanks and sorry again
07:25:29 <sorantis> if it repeats, we will need some help :)
07:26:02 <joehuang1> so, let's back to resource sync topic?
07:26:04 <sorantis> fb98906298ed4ffc8db86b0cc06c2f5a | tempest
07:26:07 <sorantis> it’s still there
07:26:14 <SAshish> scenarios passed
07:26:26 <SAshish> let us remove that for now
07:26:46 <sorantis> opnfv-tenant1
07:26:48 <sorantis> opnfv-tenant2
07:26:50 <sorantis> what about these?
07:27:06 <SAshish> yeah, can remove those as well. healthcheck used to create those
07:27:27 <SAshish> I will clean that lab
07:27:40 <joehuang1> just manually remove the entry
07:27:50 <joehuang1> thank you Ashish
07:27:59 <sorantis> ok done
07:28:59 <joehuang1> thank you two :)
07:29:38 <joehuang1> I am in the office, not able to access the lab and google doc
07:31:21 <joehuang1> could you find my comment in the google doc for the resource sync. blueprint?
07:32:11 <SAshish> yes, one of your comment talks about concurrency during resouce sycning
07:32:23 <SAshish> the problems releted to concurreny
07:33:19 <SAshish> let us discuss this
07:33:36 <joehuang1> your thoughts?
07:35:31 <SAshish> I think, resource sync is an admin activity, and admin should make sure that during resource sync there should not be any creation/deletion for that resource type
07:36:28 <SAshish> and problem happens when resource is created/deleted in the region from where he is trying to sync
07:37:03 <joehuang1> you mean admin disable all tenant user's behavior in multi-region?
07:37:27 <sorantis> i disagree with that
07:37:30 <SAshish> no
07:37:56 <sorantis> I as a tenant would like to have the option to sync my ssh keys, sec groups , images, etc
07:37:59 <joehuang1> that's not good idea
07:38:08 <SAshish> do not disable
07:38:14 <sorantis> If i can manage it in one region, i should be able to manage it across
07:39:36 <joehuang1> but there many users in one tenant/project, different user may have same right on CRUD of the same resource in Multi-region.
07:39:53 <joehuang1> if they have same role
07:40:07 <joehuang1> it's not single user operation
07:40:39 <sorantis> then we need a role for it
07:41:22 <sorantis> i don’t see multiple users for the same project doing syncing
07:41:32 <SAshish> this is corner case
07:41:41 <sorantis> so if we define a role for it, then only the users for that role are allowed to sync
07:41:43 <joehuang1> one is doing sync, another one is deleting
07:41:50 <SAshish> doing sync + creation at the CRUD
07:42:03 <SAshish> doing sync + CRUD*
07:42:42 <SAshish> this may lead to inconsistency, but really can we do anything about it
07:42:51 <joehuang1> you mean in the multi-region cloud, only one role single user is allowed to SEG CRUD
07:43:10 <SAshish> that is a tough limitation
07:43:29 <sorantis> is it?
07:43:43 <sorantis> why so?
07:44:05 <joehuang1> ok if there are two user for the same role
07:44:13 <SAshish> if there are two admin roles
07:44:30 <SAshish> some projects will have more than one admin
07:45:05 <SAshish> this is even happen with quota sync as well
07:45:05 <joehuang1> one role can be mapped to multiple users, this is the relationship in Keystone
07:45:44 <joehuang1> quota sync is a little different is no tenant user will change the quota usage
07:45:48 <SAshish> after reading the usage from one region, if during calc/syncing, if there is CRUD
07:45:54 <SAshish> if VM is deleted
07:45:58 <joehuang1> program changed it
07:45:58 <SAshish> or flavor is deleted
07:46:34 <SAshish> as it is a periodic task, it will have eventual consistency
07:46:56 <SAshish> if it is mixed in one run, then would be considered in next run.
07:47:04 <SAshish> that happens with quota sync
07:47:28 <SAshish> so this is a corner case that can happen in quota sync as well
07:47:49 <joehuang1> I agreed for quota sync. eventual consistency is possible
07:48:11 <SAshish> as there is a next run scheduled in sometime
07:48:23 <SAshish> here we dnt have that, it is manual/on demand
07:48:34 <SAshish> may be
07:48:40 <SAshish> as a cross check we can
07:48:46 <SAshish> check after sycing
07:48:50 <SAshish> for consistency
07:48:52 <SAshish> cghec
07:48:54 <joehuang1> for flavor/volume type, it's admin action, and seldom action, it's also possible to get consistency
07:48:56 <SAshish> check*
07:49:12 <SAshish> after syncing, perfrom a consistency check
07:49:19 <joehuang1> but for SEG, it's tenant level resources
07:49:43 <SAshish> how about the consistency check after sync?
07:49:45 <joehuang1> and can be changed by the tenant users themself from different region
07:50:10 <SAshish> can have just one check not more than than
07:51:06 <joehuang1> how to judge deleted items while it were synced to part of other regions?
07:51:15 <sorantis> what will it give?
07:51:34 <SAshish> check the already read resouces values with the current region values, If both are same then SUCCESS or perfrom sycn for those missing resources
07:51:47 <SAshish> let me put it again
07:52:15 <SAshish> first consider there are some resouces which were added during resouce syncing
07:52:34 <SAshish> and we are sycing from region1 to region2, 3
07:52:47 <SAshish> so during sycing the new created resources are missed
07:53:01 <SAshish> so we will not have newly created resouces in region2, 3 after sync
07:53:03 <SAshish> okay
07:53:11 <SAshish> now the sync has been done,
07:53:29 <SAshish> so already we have details of resources from region 1 which was read earlier
07:53:43 <SAshish> now again we get the list of resources from region1
07:53:57 <SAshish> so before sync and after sync resources are compared
07:54:07 <SAshish> if both are same then there is nothign to do
07:54:56 <SAshish> if both are not same and after sync has more resources than before sync then we have to add the extra resources which for sure have been created during sync and we missed it in first go
07:55:02 <joehuang1> what about the other user issue sync command, at the same time in another region
07:55:27 <joehuang1> and there some SEG add and deletion?
07:56:06 <SAshish> sync for the same tenant at the same instant of time looks very rare
07:56:07 <joehuang1> and during your comparation , the data in the region1 changed
07:56:29 <SAshish> or we can make this as job
07:56:34 <SAshish> only one after another
07:56:43 <SAshish> dnt have parallel sync for same tenant
07:56:50 <SAshish> as we have for quota management
07:56:58 <joehuang1> good thinking? where to control the job
07:57:03 <SAshish> kb DB
07:57:32 <SAshish> there is already a job running, admin 2 will have to wait
07:57:51 <SAshish> so suppose
07:57:55 <SAshish> there are 2 admins
07:57:58 <sorantis> so, it’s a tenant lock
07:58:11 <SAshish> 1 is doing, from region 1 to region 2 and region 3
07:58:13 <joehuang1> sync job could be locked, but we are not able to lock the user to change the seg in region one when you issue a job in kb
07:58:18 <SAshish> yeah
07:58:25 <SAshish> tenant lock for all the regions
07:58:37 <joehuang1> you mean lock all user
07:58:42 <SAshish> no
07:58:49 <SAshish> lock the sync job for a tenant
07:59:06 <joehuang1> you mean lock all users' operation in each region?
07:59:06 <SAshish> for your thing, where user can change SEG
07:59:10 <SAshish> no
07:59:13 <SAshish> lock only sync
07:59:17 <SAshish> and for your tyhing
07:59:23 <SAshish> we will have one more level of check
07:59:37 <SAshish> after a sync if perfromed, check if there is consistency
07:59:45 <SAshish> if then perfrom for the missed ones
08:00:11 <SAshish> so logically, we give two chances for sync to become consistent
08:00:28 <joehuang1> how do you know it's the delete intention for the missed one or not
08:01:04 <SAshish> can you be more clear?
08:01:07 <SAshish> sorry didnt understand
08:01:37 <joehuang1> user can delete seg / rule in each region, it's possible, during the sync job
08:02:27 <joehuang1> user can also add/update seg / rule in each region during the sync job
08:02:28 <SAshish> yes it can happen
08:02:42 <sorantis> that’s why Ashish’s proposed two stage check
08:02:46 <sorantis> before and after
08:03:15 <SAshish> so our algorithm is
08:03:32 <SAshish> 1. sync 2. recheck if there is something missed 3. if missed then resync
08:03:57 <SAshish> step 2 is internally
08:04:01 <joehuang1> resync will remove the delete intention\
08:04:11 <SAshish> yes, it will
08:04:16 <joehuang1> the user who want to delete will be angry
08:04:41 <SAshish> if it is deleted during sync, then it will be deleted after sync from rest two regiojns
08:05:01 <SAshish> as during sync, it has reached region2 and region3
08:05:07 <SAshish> which we dnt want
08:06:05 <SAshish> it is just compare old resource with the current resouce after sync
08:06:11 <joehuang1> time is up, more consideration for the con-currency is needed
08:06:56 <sorantis> ok
08:07:12 <SAshish> will document this
08:07:15 <SAshish> and send across
08:07:18 <sorantis> #info Ashish to describe the concurrency approach in the doc
08:07:22 <joehuang1> ok, thank you for attending the meeting
08:07:28 <sorantis> thanks guys
08:07:32 <sorantis> talk later
08:07:39 <SAshish> sure, thanks. good bye
08:07:40 <joehuang1> #endmeeting