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13:03:56 <bin_> #info Bin Hu
13:04:00 <rprakash> #info rprakas
13:04:10 <rprakash> #info rprakash
13:04:39 <bin_> #info Aimee Ukasick
13:04:47 <bin_> #info Dan Druta
13:04:56 <bin_> #info Leon Wang
13:06:04 <rprakash> #topic Project Proposals Rescuer
13:07:30 <rprakash> #info Data protection service for OPNFV
13:08:07 <bin_> #info Dan Radez
13:08:13 <bin_> #info Dave Neary
13:08:18 <rprakash> #info focus on developing use cases, requirement documents, and test cases
13:09:34 <rprakash> #info Karbor in OpenStack  as the main upstream project for Rescuer to start with
13:12:52 <bin_> #info Use cases etc. will be submitted as blueprints to upstreams
13:13:29 <rprakash> #info https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Karbor
13:13:56 <bin_> Prakash: can you also info your question?
13:16:30 <rprakash> #info based on requirements gathering for OPNFV modules like SDN controllers, Karbor in upstream will be extended to support the same
13:17:27 <rprakash> #info https://wiki.opnfv.org/display/availability/High+Availability+For+OPNFV
13:19:49 <bin_> #info Bryan suggested collaboration with HA project for data protection
13:20:19 <rprakash> #Bryan mentions looking at HA project as this Rescuer is Storage Projetction why not work with that as API and develop and deliver it
13:22:20 <bin_> #info It is suggested to socialize with HA PTL Qiao Fu
13:22:26 <rprakash> #info If we can particpate directly in HA by socialize with fuqiao will help
13:24:30 <rprakash> #info Bin and Bryan both want Leo to look at particpating along with HA project
13:25:58 <rprakash> #leo mentions that DR and Data recovery is not in HA , and Bryan mentions that there are other tools to segment clouds into diff region, cells, multi-site etc to do similar DR capabaility
13:27:10 <rprakash> #Leo thinks the goal of OPNFV Rescuer is to create the bridge between OPNFV and upstream as suggested like Karbor
13:29:23 <bin_> #info Dave indicated that data protection (or data high availability) seems to be part of HA in nature. But HA's focus may not be data HA
13:30:21 <bin_> #info The question is which approach will be the best for the success of data protection - part of HA, or standalone project
13:30:32 <bin_> #info There is no answer yet
13:30:43 <rprakash> #Dave sees benifits in both arguments of being in HA or separte Rescuer is diffciult to decide. So   Data Protection (Rescuer) can be doen as part of  HAor as sepearte depending on narrow focus  and resource availability
13:32:48 <rprakash> #Bin suggests talk with Rescuer delivearbles  with both HA and Multisite and see if they are ready to accept the Rescure scope in their plans or they would suggest a seperate project
13:34:44 <rprakash> Talk to fucqiao of china Mobile for HA and joehuang of Multisite if you can work together with them and get bakc next week or later when Rescuer / Leo is ready to present the conclusion
13:36:41 <rprakash> contact: fuqiao@chinamobile.com and  joehuang@huawei.com
13:38:21 <rprakash> #Dave wants to know any efforts for certaiciation and Dovetail program, talking to Functest and Polestar.
13:38:59 <rprakash> Bin suggests capture those topics and plan for discussion next week Dovetail project as what thay are doing
13:41:26 <rprakash> #Bryan wants to add backlog of topics to be presented like Certiciation Program and Dovetail, Polestar, EUG (real world deployment, support for artifacts, Repo for artifacts in CI/CD ) etc.
13:42:26 <rprakash> #Bain mentioned Tapio's vision on OPNFV etc.
13:43:53 <bin_> #info Those topics are added as standing agenda
13:44:18 <bin_> #info we will start with certification program and dovetail next week Nov 10
13:44:26 <bin_> #info meeting adjourned
13:44:29 <bin_> #endmeeting