08:14:22 <joehuang__> #startmeeting multisite
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08:14:33 <joehuang__> #topic rollcall
08:14:37 <joehuang__> #info joehuang
08:14:44 <goutham_pratapa> #info goutham
08:14:45 <sorantis> #info dimitri
08:14:59 <SAshish> #info Ashish
08:15:04 <joehuang__> #topic Kingbird os-sync API
08:15:37 <joehuang__> hello, Goutham, there are some comment on the os-sync API,let's discuss on it
08:16:58 <joehuang__> Goutham, could you introduce the idea briefly first
08:17:06 <joehuang__> for os-sync api
08:17:09 <goutham> yes
08:17:20 <goutham> for syncing all the resources
08:17:29 <goutham> we will use all in the end
08:17:51 <goutham> and for the sync of a particular resource
08:18:17 <goutham> or a list of resources we will keep them in the body
08:18:38 <joehuang__> "all" or "id" as part of the path, but "id-list" as in body
08:19:00 <joehuang__> would like to know your thoughts
08:20:07 <goutham> its good but
08:21:21 <goutham> does that mean that resources list in the body must be empty ??while syncing a single keypair?
08:21:57 <joehuang__> this is the point to discuss
08:22:30 <sorantis> What is the reason for introducing id-list?
08:22:48 <goutham> http://hastebin.com/ajipixukun.scala
08:23:00 <goutham> i think this will be a good api ..
08:23:06 <joehuang__> the format of the API is inconsistent
08:23:11 <sorantis> yes
08:23:15 <sorantis> and that’s not good
08:23:40 <sorantis> as a first iteration I’d focus on a per-resource sync
08:24:15 <goutham> and "all" as well i believe ??
08:24:18 <sorantis> my suggestion at first was to skip the /all case as well
08:24:25 <sorantis> yes
08:24:26 <joehuang__> do you think that "id" or "all" should be as part of the path
08:24:50 <joehuang__> great
08:24:54 <sorantis> I think that a resource sync operation first should be atomic
08:24:59 <joehuang__> first for single resource
08:25:18 <joehuang__> i.e, only id as part of the path
08:25:25 <sorantis> correct
08:25:51 <goutham> and skip all case for now??
08:26:03 <sorantis> for the implementation, yes
08:26:18 <goutham> ok
08:26:45 <joehuang__> good, it'll be much more easy to implement and simplicity/atomic in api
08:27:30 <goutham> ok fine then
08:27:38 <joehuang__> #info focus on a per-resource sync at first
08:28:06 <joehuang__> Dimitri, how about the CI environment
08:28:47 <sorantis> unfortunately nothing’s changes since last week. Still waiting for hw
08:29:09 <joehuang__> it's fine
08:29:11 <sorantis> have you seen the latest commit?
08:29:39 <joehuang__> I don't know why no notification mail to me from OPNFV gerrit
08:29:44 <sorantis> the scripts for configuration are already in place (I will need to change some)
08:29:50 <joehuang__> not like that in OpenStack
08:30:08 <sorantis> https://gerrit.opnfv.org/gerrit/#/c/25007/
08:30:40 <joehuang__> I saw it in WIP
08:31:47 <joehuang__> Will review it although you are still WIP
08:31:55 <sorantis> no need for now
08:32:05 <joehuang__> ok
08:32:05 <sorantis> it’s still WIP :)
08:32:44 <joehuang__> so next topic
08:32:50 <joehuang__> #topic Revisit Geographical Redundancy
08:33:11 <joehuang__> during the start of this cycle, Revisit Geographical Redundancy was put in the agenda
08:33:49 <joehuang__> I would like to know your thoughts on this topic first
08:35:11 <sorantis> Can we postpone it for now? I think the focus in the team is currently on different topics
08:35:30 <joehuang__> ok
08:35:58 <joehuang__> #topic open discussion
08:36:07 <joehuang__> any other topics?
08:36:19 <sorantis> yes
08:36:26 <sorantis> the timeline for D
08:36:40 <sorantis> we have this table from the opfnv program
08:36:52 <sorantis> is there anything we should do for each milestone?
08:37:23 <joehuang__> at least no until now
08:37:46 <joehuang__> the plan is mainly for installer
08:39:10 <joehuang__> this is also my worry that OPNFV is mainly an integration(release by release) project
08:39:22 <joehuang__> how to deal with the lifecycle of requirement project
08:39:27 <sorantis> ok, we also need to register our current activities in jira
08:40:15 <joehuang__> jira is only one way for the visible track of different activities
08:41:02 <sorantis> yes, and we need to make it visible who does what
08:42:15 <joehuang__> we have both launchpad and jira, sometime they are duplicated, seems OPNFV prefer jira
08:43:13 <joehuang__> if you think we need to register all activities in jira, it's ok to do so
08:44:39 <goutham> yes
08:44:41 <sorantis> ok
08:45:05 <joehuang__> #info register activities in jira
08:46:02 <joehuang__> other topics?
08:46:20 <sorantis> not on my side
08:47:06 <goutham> nothing from me
08:47:15 <SAshish> nothing from my side too
08:47:28 <joehuang__> ok, let's end the meeting
08:47:38 <joehuang__> thank you for attending the meeting
08:47:42 <joehuang__> #endmeeting