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08:04:10 <joehuang> Let's share the progress in short
08:04:31 <joehuang> Meimei, could you share the installation progress
08:05:00 <May-meimei> config  the xjob now
08:05:35 <May-meimei> 3 region env have been ready
08:05:43 <joehuang> that's great
08:05:59 <joehuang> can we access the region now
08:06:13 <May-meimei> yes, you can
08:07:14 <May-meimei> the information of the env have been updated in google  docs
08:07:31 <joehuang> that's great
08:07:47 <joehuang> I saw tianwei is updating it
08:08:52 <joehuang> @boucherv, have you received the credential to access the environment
08:08:52 <collabot> joehuang: Error: "boucherv," is not a valid command.
08:09:04 <boucherv> yes
08:09:41 <boucherv> I had some problems, but today it's fine
08:09:46 <joehuang> ok, I found the credential for me sometimes work, sometime not
08:10:11 <boucherv> I can access on the jumphost with ssh
08:10:39 <boucherv> Yes, but hw_wutianwei support me to have an access (thanks)
08:10:40 <May-meimei> do you need some other information?
08:10:40 <joehuang> yes, it works today, but not yesterday, don't know why
08:11:04 <joehuang> I just connect the vpn successfully
08:11:15 <joehuang> I'll try to log on to the environment
08:11:56 <joehuang> where is the localrc for openstack command
08:12:35 <May-meimei> no localrc in jumphost
08:12:53 <May-meimei> we haven't install client in jumphost
08:13:29 <joehuang> I have logged on to
08:13:48 <joehuang> the regionone node's IP?
08:13:59 <May-meimei>
08:15:18 <joehuang> ok
08:16:10 <joehuang> how about another two OpenStack node's IP
08:16:49 <May-meimei>
08:17:39 <joehuang> could you put one localrc in these nodes, so that it's easy to use openstack command
08:18:05 <May-meimei> jumphost?
08:18:21 <joehuang> not jumphost, the node where openstack is installed
08:19:35 <May-meimei> admin-openrc.sh?
08:19:43 <joehuang> yes
08:19:57 <May-meimei> here: /opt/
08:20:04 <joehuang> ok
08:20:06 <joehuang> got it
08:21:00 <joehuang> I also have seen the update for vIMS deployment
08:21:24 <joehuang> to boucherv, some questions
08:22:03 <boucherv> yes
08:22:05 <joehuang> will cloudify call different OpenStack API directly to boot VMs
08:22:17 <joehuang> or use template
08:22:49 <boucherv> API directly
08:23:08 <boucherv> The cloudify-manager VM must have an access to OpenStack public api
08:23:21 <joehuang> can  cloudify work with multi-region environment
08:23:33 <joehuang> or only single-region?
08:23:48 <joehuang> understand, this is very important
08:24:00 <boucherv> Yes, I know
08:24:00 <joehuang> #info The cloudify-manager VM must have an access to OpenStack public api
08:24:28 <boucherv> Normaly, we can put the region into the vnfd descriptor input
08:24:40 <joehuang> that's great
08:25:10 <joehuang> when create multi-region logical network topogy
08:25:36 <joehuang> the logical network topology will be created in central Neutron
08:25:53 <boucherv> But, I never test it because I haven't a multi-region env before this demo
08:25:54 <joehuang> and boot VM in respect Nova
08:26:00 <joehuang> ok
08:26:19 <joehuang> you can try it now
08:26:29 <boucherv> Ok it's a great news
08:27:01 <boucherv> The network topology is in place now or not ?
08:27:13 <joehuang> maybe we'll meet some challenge for cloudify to work with multi-region environment
08:27:19 <joehuang> not in place yet
08:27:29 <joehuang> Meimei is installing tricircle
08:27:41 <joehuang> manually
08:28:04 <joehuang> if cloudify doesn't work
08:28:15 <joehuang> can we manually boot these vIMS VMs?
08:28:39 <joehuang> networking topology is not an issue
08:29:00 <joehuang> can we manually boot these vIMS VMs through OpenStack command?
08:29:01 <boucherv> Yes, we can install vIMS manually
08:29:15 <joehuang> ok, perfect, I have confidence now :)
08:29:51 <joehuang> is the DNS service deployed by Designate?
08:30:01 <boucherv> But, it's not the best way
08:30:14 <boucherv> Yes, with a bind backend
08:31:00 <boucherv> But if we deploy the vIMS manually we can remove dns entry for the offline site (the manager do that)
08:31:04 <joehuang> I am affraid cloudify may have issue in multi-region deployment, so if we can deploy vIMS manullay, we at least have one way to do it
08:32:19 <joehuang> I'll check how Designate works, and discuss with you if I have questions
08:33:08 <joehuang> other topics?
08:33:09 <boucherv> oui je comprend le problème, mais ne vous inquiéter pas je trouverai une solution si ça ne marche pas avec cloudify: manual deployment, or 2 cloudify manager (one for each region)
08:33:20 <boucherv> Yes I understand the problem, but do not worry I will find a solution if it does not work with cloudify: manual deployment, or 2 cloudify manager (one for each region)
08:33:22 <boucherv> Sorry
08:33:36 <joehuang> great!
08:34:50 <joehuang> do you have other topics?
08:35:04 <boucherv> For the de designate, no problem, I'll take care of that ! I have a descriptor to deploy the designate service regardless of the platform
08:35:40 <joehuang> It will be great helpful
08:36:02 <joehuang> #info a descriptor to deploy the designate service regardless of the platform
08:38:18 <joehuang> so let's continue for the environment preparation,  and have further discussion in mail-list as needed
08:38:29 <joehuang> Tricricle
08:38:49 <joehuang> Tricircle's code for networking topology is ready, and I tested it today
08:42:29 <joehuang> to boucherv, for Meimei is installing Tricircle into the environment, if you want to try cloudify multi-region capability, please use RegionTwo and RegionThree. I assume Meiemi is installing Tricircle in RegionOne
08:42:59 <boucherv> ok np
08:44:12 <joehuang> you can talk to meimei before testing the cloudify multi-region capability, in order to reduce conflict
08:44:45 <boucherv> ok
08:45:15 <joehuang> if you guys have no other topic, we can end the meeting earlier
08:47:50 <joehuang> ok, thank you for attending the meeting, see you next week
08:48:05 <joehuang> #endmeeting