08:06:09 <joehuang> #startmeeting multisite
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08:06:35 <joehuang> not sure boucherv will be online or not
08:06:48 <joehuang> do you know when the OPNFV plugfest will be held
08:06:54 <joehuang> this week or last week?
08:07:09 <May-meimei> this week
08:07:26 <joehuang> so he may not be available to the meeting
08:07:55 <joehuang> Apr 24 ~ 28
08:08:04 <joehuang> so let's sync the status for a while
08:08:11 <May-meimei> ok
08:08:28 <joehuang> The tricircle has been installed successfully in a VM running in RegionOne
08:08:55 <joehuang> the VM run central Neutron and Tricircle
08:09:07 <joehuang> and have an external floating IP
08:09:21 <joehuang> this floating IP can be accessed from blade
08:09:34 <joehuang> but unfortuanely
08:09:56 <joehuang> during the configuration to turn regionone to local Neutron without Tricircle
08:10:12 <joehuang> the service neutron-ovscleanup is also restarted
08:10:46 <joehuang> and lead to all data plane like router name space, ovs flow were all removed
08:10:53 <joehuang> being cleaned up!
08:11:27 <joehuang> then the VM which was installed with Tricricle was unable to be accessed anymore
08:11:45 <May-meimei> do we need to redeploy the cluster?
08:11:51 <joehuang> I have to make a snapshot of the VM, and try to remedy it in RegionThree
08:12:00 <joehuang> no need to redeploy the cluster
08:12:17 <joehuang> but it'll take one or two days to recover the tragedy
08:12:56 <joehuang> currently I am re-deploy the VM in RegionThree, to see if the VM is still working
08:12:58 <May-meimei> move the vm to regionthree?
08:13:21 <joehuang> it's fine to in any region
08:13:46 <joehuang> just if can be accessed from external network, it
08:13:56 <joehuang> it's ok to run in any region
08:14:07 <joehuang> but I''ll move it back to regionone
08:14:25 <joehuang> once the recover of the VM is successful
08:14:45 <May-meimei> ok
08:15:21 <joehuang> #info tricircle in VM running in RegionOne succeed, but unfortunately RegionOne data plane was ruined by neutron-ovscleanup
08:15:33 <joehuang> this is the progress
08:15:48 <joehuang> once the environment works, I'll let you know ASAP
08:16:08 <joehuang> #info remedy of the tricircle VM is in progress
08:16:32 <joehuang> and when the blade 2 for RegionTwo can be returned to the environment
08:16:47 <joehuang> or we can use one jumphost to be installed with RegionTwo
08:18:23 <joehuang> hello, Meimei, tianwei?
08:18:33 <May-meimei> here
08:18:55 <joehuang> may we use another jumphost to be installed with RegionTwo
08:19:23 <May-meimei> we need three local regions?
08:19:43 <joehuang> yes, RegionOne, RegionTwo, RegionThree
08:20:05 <joehuang> and blade for RegionTwo is being used for other purpose, isn't it
08:20:12 <May-meimei> yes
08:20:14 <joehuang> or it's still in the environment
08:20:22 <May-meimei> we can use two for the moment
08:20:47 <joehuang> is jumphost blade idle
08:20:57 <May-meimei> the other region will be return after 5/6
08:21:05 <joehuang> ok
08:21:57 <joehuang> jumphost blade is no use after OpenStack installation, may we reuse it as one blade for RegionTwo?
08:23:07 <May-meimei> but we need to reconfig the switch for that
08:23:16 <joehuang> ok, let it be
08:23:27 <joehuang> just wait for the blade after 5/6
08:23:32 <May-meimei> ok
08:23:46 <joehuang> I have no other topic, how about you?
08:23:57 <May-meimei> no from me
08:24:15 <joehuang> tianwei?
08:24:33 <hw_wutianwei> hi
08:24:45 <joehuang> do you have any other topic to be discussed?
08:24:49 <hw_wutianwei> no
08:24:56 <joehuang> ok, we can end the meeting
08:25:14 <joehuang> #info once the environment is ready, will inform in the mail-list
08:25:28 <joehuang> thank you for attending the meeting
08:25:32 <joehuang> #endmeeting