08:03:20 <joehuang> #startmeeting multisite
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08:03:52 <joehuang> wait moment for tianwei meimei
08:04:36 <boucherv> ok
08:06:31 <joehuang> Meimei is on vocation, and Tianwei is in meeting conflict, Vikram is in U.S., he is not able to attend weekly meeting
08:06:45 <joehuang> so let's start the meeting
08:06:47 <boucherv> ok
08:07:10 <joehuang> I checked why FIP is not pingable
08:07:14 <joehuang> in vIMS
08:07:29 <joehuang> no security rule in IMS project for ICMP
08:08:11 <boucherv> Yes but the the SSH and HTTP doesn't work too
08:08:26 <boucherv> But now it's ok
08:08:53 <joehuang> I tested in JITSI project, all these work,
08:09:11 <boucherv> I don't know why but this morning the FIP was on the VM
08:09:24 <joehuang> so I think it maybe you create some resources in IMS project, some in admin project
08:09:49 <joehuang> o, for FIP, you did not execute "associate"
08:09:50 <boucherv> Maybe, I will delete all resources in admin project
08:10:02 <boucherv> I execute associate ..
08:10:18 <joehuang> so I execute the assoicate command, then FIP will be there
08:10:21 <joehuang> ok
08:10:50 <boucherv> nevermind i curently create the network topology in IMS tenant
08:10:57 <joehuang> if some resources in admin project, some in IMS project, may have some issues, which was not tested for cross project
08:11:13 <joehuang> it'll be good to create in IMS tenant
08:11:14 <boucherv> Yes, I know
08:11:24 <joehuang> ok, thank you
08:11:52 <boucherv> So the status of the IMS deployment on the platform
08:12:19 <joehuang> just as what mentioned in the mail, regiontwo is ready now
08:12:27 <joehuang> all regions are in place now
08:12:33 <joehuang> and work
08:12:53 <boucherv> Deployment of the IMS it RegionOne and tenant admin works very well with the cloudify manager automatic deployment
08:13:23 <joehuang> #info  Deployment of the IMS it RegionOne and tenant admin works very well with the cloudify manager automatic deployment
08:13:29 <joehuang> this is great news!
08:13:30 <boucherv> (I update the cloudify-openstack-plugin two weeks ago tu support the central region FIP creation
08:13:32 <boucherv> )
08:13:57 <joehuang> amazing! you make cloudify work in multi-region and tricircle scenario
08:14:01 <joehuang> cheer!
08:15:15 <joehuang> if you source IMS-openrc.sh, the role is _member_, I am not sure it work or not
08:15:20 <boucherv> Yes, to support port association (get the port id of the VM and the associate to the FIP automaticly with cloudify
08:15:45 <boucherv> Yes, I see that I think I will be find
08:16:06 <boucherv> It's better for no ressource confusion between admin tenant and IMS tenant
08:16:11 <joehuang> Good, but if provision VMs mauanlly, _member role works
08:16:19 <joehuang> agree
08:16:33 <joehuang> you can source /opt/vikram/jitsi-openrc.sh
08:16:39 <joehuang> you will see clean resources
08:16:49 <boucherv> ok thanks
08:16:51 <joehuang> only external networks from admin
08:17:11 <boucherv> Yes, I see that
08:17:11 <joehuang> this is the normal view for tenants
08:17:16 <joehuang> great
08:17:56 <boucherv> I used this link for my network topology :https://docs.openstack.org/developer/tricircle/networking-guide-multiple-ns-with-ew-enabled.html
08:18:26 <joehuang> Yes, this the topology for IMS use case
08:18:49 <boucherv> Yes, I just extend for 3 regions
08:18:54 <joehuang> no need to create external network
08:19:04 <boucherv> but the idea is here
08:19:08 <boucherv> Yes
08:19:11 <joehuang> extenal networks already there
08:19:24 <joehuang> yes, just add one more region
08:19:30 <joehuang> idea is same
08:19:54 <boucherv> I will tell you if I have any issue or good news
08:20:10 <joehuang> ok
08:20:26 <boucherv> for the demo in the summit
08:20:28 <joehuang> for the presentation in OPNFV summit, we may start from next week
08:20:35 <joehuang> ok, please
08:20:37 <boucherv> ok no problem
08:20:50 <boucherv> yes, it's just during one day or ?
08:21:24 <joehuang> it's live 4 days? I will check and let you know
08:21:44 <joehuang> the foundation will provide one booth for the demo
08:22:01 <boucherv> Ok in the sponsor booth I think
08:22:26 <joehuang> may be two day, no demo during design summit, or four days
08:22:33 <boucherv> I remeber in Berlin, I think It's just during the summit
08:22:35 <boucherv> Yes
08:22:42 <joehuang> +1, maybe sponsor booth
08:22:54 <boucherv> yes, I think it's two days
08:23:12 <joehuang> it'll be very attractive to run application like this , never before
08:23:21 <joehuang> and funny
08:23:31 <boucherv> yes,
08:23:40 <boucherv> A chalange also
08:23:53 <joehuang> #action check demo shcedule
08:23:56 <boucherv> challenge *
08:24:08 <joehuang> agree, challenge, but it can happen
08:24:54 <joehuang> #info all regions are available and work
08:25:00 <boucherv> I have another presentation during the design summit about Software Upgrade (on the same IMS)
08:25:20 <joehuang> Congratualtion!
08:25:33 <joehuang> So you will come to Beijing this time
08:26:24 <boucherv> I wait for the validation of my manager ..
08:27:01 <joehuang> Please, this is exiciting time to demo the application
08:27:18 <boucherv> Yes, I know
08:27:27 <joehuang> and the topic of upgrading is interesting too
08:28:06 <boucherv> And the week before the OPNFV summit, there is a ONAP conference
08:28:23 <joehuang> Where is the conference being held
08:29:11 <boucherv> Beijing too
08:29:23 <boucherv> in China Mobile
08:29:25 <joehuang> You can stay in Beijing two weeks
08:30:20 <boucherv> Yes it is the goal for 10 days
08:31:31 <joehuang> Will you use soft terminal to demo the vIMS service, I am wondering whether the VPN connection will be ok for voice quality
08:33:10 <boucherv> In france the bit rate to your DC is really slow ....
08:34:07 <joehuang> ok, need to test the VPN access bit rate
08:34:25 <joehuang> #action test bit rate under VPN connection
08:34:38 <joehuang> ok. I have no other topic now
08:34:45 <joehuang> how about you
08:34:50 <boucherv> same for me
08:35:03 <joehuang> let'
08:35:16 <joehuang> ok, let's end the meeting
08:35:20 <joehuang> thank you
08:35:30 <joehuang> #endmeeting