#opnfv-meeting: LaaS meeting

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Meeting summary

    1. agenda: https://wiki.opnfv.org/display/meetings/LaaS (frankbrockners, 17:05:57)
    2. No dedicated F2F meeting planned while at the plugfest - discussions to continue in the hallway (frankbrockners, 17:07:03)
    3. Equipment order: Order has been placed with CDW. Ray will soon receive tracking details (frankbrockners, 17:08:02)
    4. Cabling plan not yet done - we'll review next week (frankbrockners, 17:09:23)
    5. common understanding: initial MVP is just to get started and should only last a few weeks (at most) (frankbrockners, 17:13:20)
    6. LaaS requirements EPIC: https://jira.opnfv.org/browse/PHAROS-318 (frankbrockners, 17:14:38)
    7. (log in to see the childern of PHAROS-318) (frankbrockners, 17:17:14)
    8. Parker and team will review current tickets and update if so required to get all requirements for the dashboard flashed out (frankbrockners, 17:28:34)
    9. Team will assign owners in the next meeting (at least try to) (frankbrockners, 17:28:56)
    10. Installers: Fuel and Joid are supported to day by LaaS infra. Fuel supports Pod descriptor files (PDF), Joid not. Talks underway with the Apex team. (frankbrockners, 17:29:46)

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